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APRIL 2020 ENERGY UPDATE: The 3 Great Waves of Change

April 2020 Energy Update The 3 Great Waves Of Change

I joined in on the 4/4 Mass Meditate Global Peace, Love and Unity Meditation that took place on April 4/5 around the world. This was a beautiful way to hold every being, the planet, galaxy and universe in vibrations and intentions of peace, love and harmony without focusing on any of the disharmonies.

During this meditation, I was shown a vision and given an explanation about the three great waves of change moving through our individual and collective consciousness at this stage in our journey and accelerated by global events.

Even though these are 3 somewhat separate waves. They are all already happening on a micro level within all of us, at different rates and in different ways. These are felt and experienced differently by every person. They will also show up as ‘separate’ waves in our personal lives and in the external world as three waves of change in the coming months as we move through and integrate this global event.

Wave 1 – Purging, Healing, Reflection, Reorganising & Change

When there is a catalyst, an event, situation, feeling or experience of intensity like what we are experiencing on planet Earth right now. There is always a purging. This is because of the shock, grief, sadness, overwhelm, fear, uncertainty and other limited thoughts, beliefs and emotions that are triggered activate on a much more intense level. This happens on a personal and collective level in more of an activated way than we normally feel in our day to day existence. This brings up our wounds, fears, limitations and ego constructs simultaneously for integration into the light and into our Higher Self awareness. This is a time of healing through catalyst.  When we heal we are given opportunities to feel our wounds and limitations to reflect on them and what events or stories they are attached to. We can reflect on what is old paradigm, what is the past, what we can love, forgive, heal and release, and we can choose to focus on, something else from a higher perspective instead. This purging, healing & reflection is happening across the world. This creates an incredible opportunity for recalibration, reorganisation and of course, change. We are in the midst of these three shifts right now in our own personal way. We are asking ourselves, what is happening to me, how am I feeling, what is important to me right now, what do I need to focus on? This wave clears the path and radically shifts and integrates the old structures internally and externally that are no longer required for our personal and collective awakening and expansion.

Wave 2 – Activation, Innovation, Resourcefulness & Creativity

Activations began for many beings before and at the onset of this global experience. Activations are opportunities to bring in and embody more light into your DNA, cells and consciousness in order to hold, experience and co-create a higher dimension of reality. Energy activations can be physical with strange body pain, headaches, ringing in the ears, feeling tired, fatigued, strange sensations and more. They can be emotional and energetic, highs and lows, tears and laughter, grief and ecstasy, a sense excitement, moments of bliss, ah-ha moments, revelation, light body changes and more. They can be spiritual, visions, interaction with guides and masters, spontaneous knowing, premonitions and psychic dreams, downloads, experiences of oneness and samadhi and more. This wave at the moment across the world is bringing with it particular frequencies supporting us to draw on our innovation, resourcefulness & creativity. This will just happen, we don’t need to try and make this happen. Allow your creative ideas to flow through, inspiration to come and go, take notes and journal to keep the flow. This is part of you being resourced and supported to move forward on your unique and Soul aligned path as the year unfolds and as we integrate this great moment of catalyst and change on planet Earth

Wave 3 – Embodiment, Physical Manifestation, Support, Accelerated Momentum and Soul Path Direction

We are already embodying every day as we go through the current events and changes but there will be a clear wave of this in the coming months as we integrate, as a collective, what the Coronavirus experience has brought us, taught us, helped us activate and awaken into. This global experience is a catalyst but it’s more-so an awakening. It is assisting the New Earth to be built, energetically and also literally physically. So you are being supported to dismantle within yourself any old out-dated ideas and paths so you can feel more of your Soul aligned truth within you, directing you to your right path forward. Embodiment is happening as you receive more light codes from your own Soul to help you so this. This will assist you to have major shifts in awareness and bring into physical manifestation what will most serve your unique Soul expression and path as the year unfolds. You are supported now more than ever to do this. Our Soul path activation is being supported and accelerated so much because we are able to connect to, feel, be guided by and embody much more of our Higher Self awareness. This is what brings clarity to our Soul path direction

There will be challenges and bumps in the road, there will be a re-build phase, there will be more grief and loss and more healing, there will be more unknowns and uncomfortable change. But more than that there will be more Higher Self awareness, open hearts, Soul downloads, healing and compassion, innovation and ideas, creativity and momentum and a unified path forward for humanity.

Peace, love and unity for all beings,

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2 thoughts on “APRIL 2020 ENERGY UPDATE: The 3 Great Waves of Change”

  1. Thanks Leisha ~ I’m glad I’m still here to experience this. Incredible times! The benevolent new timeline awaits!

  2. Thank you as always Leisha for this fabulous update. I personally feel very excited for humankind and the global awakening that may come out of our current situation. The experience absolutely feels like a catalyst as you described it. Much love , Brenda xx


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