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AUGUST ENERGY UPDATE – A Message From The Universe

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It has not been easy lately I know.  It's been increasingly more intense since March when COVID took the world by storm and since then we have been seriously kept on our toes processing this global event and all the on flow, fall out and repercussions. Those repercussions are or course those things we have to process,  adapt to and manage in our physical worlds and the very deep, intense and layered ramifications that are going on in our internal world.

July was intense enough with really big themes like The Body, Subtle Shadow, Victimhood, Parental Wounds and Truth emerging. These major themes were of course not limited to the calendar month of July but they did make a major cameo then. They have strongly journeyed with us into August and are still very much front and centre. So if you are aware that you are moving through these themes, you are now being invited to go even deeper. If you want to refresh yourself on the last update where I discuss those themes in more detail; you can find that update here.


August is pulling us into much more depth with pretty much everything we are processing right now. Depth and intensity usually go hand in hand but I don’t want you to think about depth and intensity as difficult. There is an opening now in August and it will still flow with us into September helping us let go, detach, flow with everything we are being asked to process at the moment more easily and find our way back to neutrally more often. If we choose. We can, of course, choose to stay in reaction, drama, divisiveness, combat and perceptions of duality and conflict if we wish. No judgement there. We have lived in duality for aeons it’s not something that is super simple and instant to shift out of. Yet we are doing it as a collective, thought by thought, perception by perception, layer by layer. This ‘letting go’ that August is offering is about just that. If there is any part of you still attached to ’the fight’ sit with that part of you. Ask it what is really underneath its motives. What hurts, pain or fear is really driving reactiveness, aggression,  trigger, charge, blame and any attachment to the old good-versus-evil division that the old paradigm was fuelled by? Letting go is actually easier at the moment despite what you might be experiencing. Can you drop in and just inquire, what can I let go of? What distraction? What perception? What charge? Then just breathe it out into the light and presence of your Higher Self consciousness.


Letting go assists us to empty out. They are two different cycles within the one. At the moment we are strongly emptying out. This can feel uncomfortable, unfamiliar, disconcerting and can bring on feelings of loneliness, uncertainty, feeling lost, unsure, sad, a loss of inspiration, direction and drive. If you are feeling any or all of those feelings it's normal. When we deeply empty, it's not a time to necessarily ‘know' the way forward or have outstanding clarity. It's often not a time to feel inspired or creative or ready for action. It's a time to allow the emptying out. You are emptying out all the old paradigm coding, programs, patterns, obsolete information and old energy within you that has been holding you in the old paradigm and old ways you used to think, feel, act, process, make choices and navigate your life. It's a very deep purification process. Old uncomfortable emotions come up during this phase. They are not really your current emotions they are composting so to speak, purging up and clearing. So if you are in a phase of emptying out you are not necessarily being guided to play around and explore the wounds/emotions it's just about allowing the emptying out the process without thinking something is ‘wrong' or needs ‘healing.' Always acknowledge emotions as they pass through you, but also feel the higher-self part of you directing the process and the part of you that knows this can be a phase that is easier then perhaps it has been already as you surrender to it. It's a very important part of clearing what is old and complete so you can receive new soul-aligned information and come to a new phase of creativity and inspiration in Divine timing.


Maybe you have been sucked into a social media vortex, a disclose vortex or a social debate lately. None of these are wrong or right. We do need informed and neutral voices leading the way toward social change. But this message is about you. What do you need? Neutrality is the centre point of your being. From that centre point, you can choose to move with empowerment in any direction. The idea is that you want to move in directions that continue to empower you, nourish you and most importantly are in alignment with your Soul truth and path right now. Does your voice need to be heard? If so, in what context? How and when? Neutrality is not about not caring, condoning, ignoring or denying anything. It’s a choice and a decision to recognise when you are not in neutrality and owning that. Not being in neutrality suggests you are in reaction, trigger, charge, misperception or that you are being run by a pattern or a program that is not serving you. It’s normal however to go in and out of neutrality, to be triggered and charged sometimes, to activate our patterns and discordant programming. That then creates an opportunity for those discordant energies to be seen, recognised, felt and acknowledged. This starts the healing and reintegration process so they are no longer ruling your reality.
I am talking about this today because there has been a very special and important support come in from the Universe, our galactic friends and celestial beings in service to humanity recently and the desire and intention we have as a collective to integrate the shadow and the dark in all its forms (within us personally, in our governments and politics, in our social systems, law, health, education, finance and the list goes on…). The dark/shadow that is being increasingly more exposed in recent months did not birth in a natural human heart but came from somewhere else.  From something else in our universe that is not in alignment with universal and unconditional love. This ‘cause’ or origin is now being addressed at a very high level. I have felt this and been given visions over the last 2 days about this and especially yesterday which is why this update is coming out today. I was not necessarily planning on writing an August update, but here it is. This support is helping us let go of what is not serving us, to help us wade through the distraction and distortion, find our centre and our neutrality more easily and re-orient our paths to our highest personal alignment right now. Make that your focus.


Part of that re-orientation is opening our hearts. I have literally had bone cracks in my sternum, tears and emotional releasing on the table at my holistic chiro, spontaneous desires to feel and resonate forgiveness, a light-hearted willingness to let go of more of my past and a deeper surrender to my path, without having to know exactly what that path entails. All of this despite dealing with extreme levels of fatigue and some old choric health issues that have re-appeared. The physical body is defiantly purging!
What have you noticed or what can you notice in yourself that is guiding you back into your heart. Can you let go of the outside world for a while and just do a gentle meditation taking deep breaths into your heart? With all the chaos, stress, anxiety, distraction and sensory overload in recent months, we have become disembodied, ungrounded and off centre, lacking neutrality and not present with our hearts. The opening and invitation is to come back. Your heart will nourish you, it will guide you and it will help you feel your personal Soul and Higher Self directives that are there to guide YOU right now toward everything that is important for you (letting go of what is not important) and living your life in alignment to your Soul truth.
Resources that may help can be found here and some meditations here and if you want to journey with me and special group of beautiful beings live to support you through this phase, you are very welcome to join us here.

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