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ENERGY UPDATE JULY AUGUST 2020 – 5 Powerful Themes

July 9, 2020

Welcome to the July August energy corridor. Some powerful themes are showing up! We are really diving deep at the moment and shifting energy at a rate never ever seen before on planet Earth. This really is a remarkable time and an intense time of dismantling so many of our own patterns, shadows and wounds which of course dramatically and rapidly...

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May 25, 2020

There are a lot of energies and transitions we are currently facing in June that have also been consistent energy themes in April and into May. It’s been an interesting and challenging time on the planet these last few months. Everyone is having very different and varied experiences as we...

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April 2020 Energy Update The 3 Great Waves Of Change

APRIL 2020 ENERGY UPDATE: The 3 Great Waves of Change

April 5, 2020

I joined in on the 4/4 Mass Meditate Global Peace, Love and Unity Meditation that took place on April 4/5 around the world. This was a beautiful way to hold every being, the planet, galaxy and universe in vibrations and intentions of peace, love and harmony without focusing on any...

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March Energy Update 2020 Radical Collapse, Momentum & Alignment


March 2, 2020

March is like emerging from a cocoon, or a storm for some, or a cave for others. Either way, we are all emerging from something. For me personally, I have not really been able to gain much practical traction this year until now, until the energies of March have just started to activate. This update is about three themes...

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Energy Update Feb 2020


February 10, 2020

February could be the clearing after the storm. It brings us huge opportunities for clarity, revelation, new beginnings and new possibilities that could shape our entire year and our entire decade. This month there is a refreshing breeze passing through that is both, comforting, clearing of the cob-webs and uplifting. SHADOW INTO LIGHT This...

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ENERGY UPDATE JANUARY 2020: The Year Of Reckoning And Unconditional Love

January 15, 2020

It was a strong passage through December into some pretty intense clearing, shadow release, collective healing and big influxes of light! In Jan and moving into 2020 we are facing some really big shake-ups. Massive change internally and in the world around us as we heal separation on a deeper...

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ENERGY UPDATE DECEMBER 2019 – Gaia, The Body, Grief, Shadow & More…

November 30, 2019

Warning… this is a big update! I will try and make each section brief so you can receive and digest it with the most ease and grace possible.  The information for this update has been pouring through for days and the energy is very ripe today for me to attempt to...

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ENERGY UPDATE NOVEMBER 2019: Facades, Healing The Inner Child & Transformation

November 13, 2019

November brings winds of change as it blows into our lives towards the end of this year. These winds of change have the ability to blow off deceptive masks we might have been carrying around with us in our day to day keeping us trapped in inauthentic expressions and relating. ...

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ENERGY UPDATE OCTOBER 2019: Relationships, Personal Shadow & Preparation For 2020

October 8, 2019
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ENERGY UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2019: Manifesting, Harvesting & Restoring Divine Templates

September 14, 2019

Well, we finally made it through August. When I used the word rebirth in the August update I should have made it capitals and bold! The rebirthing energies that came through in August were really strong and for some super challenging. If you missed the August update you can read...

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ENERGY UPDATE AUGUST 2019: Integrating Rebirth, Purging Fear & Conscious Creation

July brought us an accelerated opportunity for rebirth. Whenever we go through cycles of rebirth there is a death, a period of decomposition and transformation and then an opening to a new cycle of birth. Although this cycle has been running for longer than just the month of July it …

Screenshot 2020 02 19 20.28.38


Many of us at this time right now feel very tired, exhausted even. Deeply mentally and physically depleted. Lot’s of change is happening, lots of integration of everything we have worked on in the first half of the year. We are still calibrating significant timeline, DNA and consciousness shifts we have …

ENERGY UPDATE JUNE 2019: Shadow, DNA upgrades, New Timelines

May was intense. June is transformational. We have come out of the fire so to speak but are still figuring out what it all means. If I had to write this energy update before today it would not have been possible. I have had one of the toughest weeks in …

ENERGY UPDATE MAY 2019 Questioning, Identity, Desire, Detachment & Break Throughs

Welcome to May! Congratulations on making it through March and April which were very activating and clearing months. This much movement brought intensity, chaos, change, questioning, confusion and anxiety to the surface while supporting us to access and start to move some very deep emotion. The rebirth momentum in April helped us reach and unlock deeper parts of …

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ENERGY UPDATE APRIL 2019: Rebirth, Sovereignty & Finding the Self

Here we are at the beginning of April after an intense March where we were focused on collapsing collective service agreements on a massive scale. This has allowed a deep purge of all the energies, ramifications and on flow those service agreements have created in our lives (if you have …

ASCENSION UPDATE: Major Learning Path Collapse

OUR COLLECTIVE SERVICE This is an important message I needed to share. March has turned out to be a very challenging month for most of us. As I mentioned in my last update, a major part of our collective ascension at this time is the release of Soul contracts we have …

ENERGY UPDATE MARCH 2019 : Manifestation, Life Path Navigation & Soul Contracts

March brings us an incredible opportunity to land and anchor what we were able to heal and integrate so powerfully in January and February of this year. January was an intense month full of purging, chaos, healing, release and internal reorganisation as we all needed to ‘sort-out’ the energies and …

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ENERGY UPDATE FEB 2019: Clarity, Commitment and Calling in Your Dreams

It’s taken me a few days of feeling the February energies to really get a sense of what is unfolding for us and what is possible for us at this time of the year. January was a very quiet and deeply internal month for me with several cycles of very deep layered healing. …

ENERGY UPDATE: Shadow Wisdom, New 7 year cycle, Illuminating and Birthing your 2019

Hello Beautiful Creator Being, Welcome to 2019! Almost everyone I have seen since Christmas is sighing a huge sigh of relief now that we have entered the energy of 2019. That is because we have just completed a huge seven year cycle that began in 2012. 2012 was the gateway that really activated …

ENERGY UPDATE DEC 2018 – Purging, What You Really Want, Birthing 2019 and Xmas Blessings!

Hello Beautiful Creator Being, As we approach the end of 2018 energies have been ramped up! We have entered a very powerful gateway cycle that started on 12.12.2018 and runs until 27.12.2018. This is yet another opportunity for delving deep and really releasing and collapsing much of the sabotage, repeat …