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ENERGY UPDATE AUGUST 2019: Integrating Rebirth, Purging Fear & Conscious Creation


July brought us an accelerated opportunity for rebirth. Whenever we go through cycles of rebirth there is a death, a period of decomposition and transformation and then an opening to a new cycle of birth. Although this cycle has been running for longer than just the month of July it peaked in July and became more obvious and apparent in our experience.

In August we have more support to integrate this rebirth and bring forward our own individual kind of birth, whatever that is for us. Something new, something different, something transformed. We have been letting go of huge amounts of lower vibrational energy since the beginning of the year. This helps us continually create space for a higher collective timeline and trajectory to form. It helps us manifest as individuals and as a human family, moving closer and closer to our higher Soul yearnings and toward collective unity.


Don’t be concerned if you have no idea what this is for you. What your personal rebirth is about right now. Often after rebirth begins we go into a period of ‘void.’ The middle part of the journey, the stillness, the emptiness and the quiet depths of the creative process. Like a seed buried deep in the soil, dark, quiet and still, but about to burst open and produce a tiny sprout that will grow into something new and aligned to the now.

The ‘void’ can be uncomfortable, disconcerting and if we allow the mind or ego to judge it too much, it can start to feel like apathy, indifference or even depression. But it’s not those things. It’s the calm, deep inner potential of new life, getting ready to birth, new ideas, new thoughts, new desires and new directions. Some of us have been feeling the void quite strongly, confused, overwhelmed, thinking things are pointless and feeling demotivated or unclear. If this is happening for you, it will pass as your birth integration takes off. Not everyone has had a conscious experience of the void in this current cycle.

Some of us in August will quite quickly be ushered onto new paths of birth, however subtle or impactful that ’newness’ will be for you. This means there will quite literally be something new entering your thoughts, desires and life in a physical manifested way. For others, it will come more slowly as your seeds need more time to germinate. But the seeds are most definitely there for all of us right now collectively.

Do you have a sense of what newness in you wants to sprout up to the surface to be seen, felt and activated in your life? I certainly do. While being in France and Switzerland these last few weeks I have had very solid and clear dreams open up through my heart. I had whispers of these dreams before but now they are loud, clear inner voices and I am hearing them, honouring them and taking actions in my life to allow the dreams and meaningful desires to manifest. One step at a time. This feels exciting and inspiring and I can see will bring a whole new paradigm of experience and expression to my life.

If you can’t feel what your birth activation is yet, that is ok. Let your inner seeds settle and they will absolutely sprout in their own time. The energies of August are very supportive for bringing forward whatever newness, birth and manifestation is right for you and in alignment for at this point in your journey. You are a part of this collective shift. No one is left out. Even if you are in the ‘void’ with feelings of pointlessness, lack of meaning, lack of clarity and feeling flat and even depressed, you are going through transformation to get you to the next phase of conscious creation.


Purging fear is a natural and necessary part of rebirth. As we let the old dissolve away and make space for something new it’s normal to have conscious and unconscious fears about what is to come. How will it happen, is it possible, is it sustainable, how will it change my life, can I rely on it, what will it look like…anxiety, fevers, sleepless nights, vivid or disturbing dreams and flashbacks to past events have been common in the collective these past few weeks as fear purging steps up a notch in intensity. I was bedridden for almost 3 days with strange fever waves, on and off anxious thoughts and my body felt so weak and achy I could barely even go for a walk. Every time I tuned in I saw so much energy purging through, it was not necessary to know what it was. It was just a time to surrender and trust the process. Since then I have had a renewed creative energy gently emerge and a deep inner trust that all I need will show up, at the right time and the path I need to walk will be clear. This purging process is different for everyone of course but you are a part of this shift so you are clearing fear, in your way too. Sometimes it’s helpful to know what we are clearing, what the fear is related to and where it might have come from, but increasingly as ascension moves forward, we don’t need to know, we just need to let it go and trust that our Higher Selves has our back, knows what it is doing and will guide us to everything we need.


One of the primary and most important new activations that periods of rebirth bring forward, is the ability to align more and more to conscious creation. When we are primarily in a 4D dimensional reality or a healing versus wounding reality, that we all need to go through, healing our wounds is the primary momentum. So we spend a lot of time calling forward learning paths that create the triggers, people, situations, emotions and so on we need in order to access, acknowledge and heal our trauma and emotional wounding. So during these cycles what we primarily create is opportunities for healing, as uncomfortable and challenging as they may me.

We might say, why on Earth did I create another relationship where I felt used, betrayed or unsupported. Why did I create more experiences of money struggle, desperation, suffering and loss? Whatever we create in our healing cycles we need these triggers and opportunities in order to heal. But once we come into a cycle of more 5D energy and have created more space within us post healing we have a much more significant capacity to consciously create. So instead of using our creative energy to call forward triggers and painful, yet necessary healing opportunities, we start to call forward creations that bring us joy, expression, fulfilment, empowerment and unity.

As humans, we are always oscillating between creating learning and healing opportunities, as difficult as they are, and space for conscious creation in order to realise more of our potential. August is particularly strong for helping us realise another layer or aspect of our greater potential and what is meaningful and Soul-aligned for us personally during this incarnation.

So pay attention as August gets underway. Perhaps it’s been building for a while or perhaps it will be the energy of August that helps you feel what your Soul is guiding you to more and more that makes up a part of your unique Soul desires and aspirations. The more we heal, the more space we have to consciously create our potential. We are all riding an ascension wave in August to bring forth, step by step, aligned creations that serve us, fulfil us, inspire us and bring joy into our lives. If you are not feeling this yet August brings you the energy to help you feel it. There is something calling to you, something new or different or just more obvious than before. Heed the call and move toward the newness that is calling you.

If we all pay attention to these inner whispers and calls we all embody and actualise our Soul potential so much faster and with so much more alignment. It can be small and simple things like creating that garden of fresh living food you always wanted, getting a dog after all these years of living like a gypsy, traveling more, creating a more sustainable life somehow and getting rid of ’stuff’ you don’t need, simplifying, moving, buying or building your first house, getting that new project off the ground, starting that new class or study commitment, something, anything, multiple things, your thing. Let August help you really FEEL what this rebirth and newness is for you and how nourishing it is for your Soul. It should feel GOOD, not overwhelming or out of reach. But give it time. August is activating it but it might take some time until it fully manifests.

And…PLAY, be gentle and kind to yourself as all of this unfolds. Remember this is one of THE MOST difficult times to be incarnated as a human and be a sensitive, conscious being. Which you are! We are not machines, the more energetically sensitive and conscious we become the harder It can get to create on schedule, on strict deadlines and in accordance to the old paradigm way of doing things. Let these shifts happen, let the New Paradigm guide you, inspire you and pleasantly surprise you.

Happy re-birthing!


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