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ENERGY UPDATE DECEMBER 2019 – Gaia, The Body, Grief, Shadow & More…

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Warning… this is a big update! I will try and make each section brief so you can receive and digest it with the most ease and grace possible.  The information for this update has been pouring through for days and the energy is very ripe today for me to attempt to put it into words, here we go


Our beloved Gaia who we love so very much has been calling us to return to her in a deeper way. We, our flesh and blood bodies, are made from her, literally. The carbon, the cells, the molecules, it’s all Gaia. We are her, of her, her creations in a way, her children. As we complete 2019 and bravely and with open hearts walk through the gateway into 2020 we are being called into remembering and activating our relationship with nature. The nature of our own physical bodies (more on that below) and the natural relationship we have with the body of Gaia herself. She has missed us and we are missing her. The bush fires in Australia and other places in the world have intensified this call to return to Gaia. This is a calling to sun-bake (responsibly), roll around in the grass, play in the sand, stare at the horizon and landscape more, eat your meals outside not in front of Netflix. Go bare feet more often. Adore the beauty of the outside world. This is a rebirth of loving our Earth and reconnecting to her immense beauty, abundance, diversity and magic. This heals our Soul and helps activate ascension and DNA codes for our awakening. This call is now because when we enter the 2020 gateway there will be changes coming to our bodies and to Gaia’s body she wants us to be in tune with and benefit from. If you feel more drawn to nature this is why.


As much as we are being called to return to a more sacred, joyous and connected relationship with Gaia we are being called into this reality with our own physical bodies at the moment too. So much light has been pouring into our cells, consciousness and DNA in the last few months there is a metamorphosis going on within us. We can’t see it but it’s happening. This has triggered for some the relapse of old injuries, chronic health issues, symptoms, pain and other issues in the body. If this is happening for you, it’s not a backward step, its a purge coming up through the physical body. The symptoms and conditions are related to old energies, imprints and wounds that are being supported to clear at a deeper level, yet again, so you do not carry the learning paths around them into your 2020 and beyond reality. Support your body, don’t resent it. Listen to its cry for love and support and become one with it again, you are healing together. This is a time for looking at cleansing, detox, diet changes, exercise, self-care, nurturing the body, reviewing what your body needs and wants at this time and making that an absolute priority today and as you move into 2020. Your being wants you to hold more light and your body needs help in order for you to do that.


English is a second language for my beloved, he is Swiss-French. He said to me recently, what is the meaning of this phrase I have been hearing lately; ‘I’m out of it’. He said he has heard several people use it lately and so have I. I explained it could mean feeling spaced out, experiencing brain fog, not able to concentrate, drifting off into daydream, not able to easily find the right words quickly when speaking, ungrounded or not embodied fully etc. There is a huge wave of this at the moment. The massive amounts of light pouring in have caused some of us to feel some or all of the above. This has caused some people to have falls, to keep tripping or walking into walls, to drop things, to forget things easily, to not give way properly in traffic, to not notice things they would normally notice, to feel sensitive, overwhelmed, emotional and even confused. Ground, ground, ground! As above, work with nature, work with your body, meditate, get your roots down deep into the Earth.

A really good self-led practice is to do my 3 Core Activation Prayers; Re-Embody, Re-Claim Power & Soul Embodiment. You can download the PDF’s here on my FREE RESOURCES PAGE

Be mindful that other people are spaced out right now too, so be patient with them and very careful in traffic!


For some of us we are still processing waves of grief. Crying spells, tears for no reason or for very real reasons, feeling emotionally sensitive and old issues and memories coming back up that lead to feelings of sadness, grief and sorrow. It’s also showing up for some as sadness about the human collective. One of my beautiful clients said to me the other day, I just feel so deeply sad at the lack of compassion in the human collective. This is a very real feeling for some of us at the moment. It’s like we are grieving the past, the human shadow, our personal pain, pain we witness in our loved ones and pain and cruelty we see in the human collective. For some, this is coming up as suicidal thoughts. Three people in my personal circle and for several people I work with, this has been coming up. If this has been happening for you it’s really important you talk to someone you know about it. You are not alone. Be honest, tell someone what you have been thinking and feeling and support anyone you know who is suffering to do the same. Deep personal pain is pouring through and deep collective pain is pouring through too. I have been recommending a few things lately;

  1. Check your biochemistry. Toxins (especially heavy metals in the brain), parasites, viral and bacterial load can all activate depression and anxiety. A quick and comprehensive way to check your own bio-chemistry is to have a bio-resonance scan. Blood work, although useful and helpful cannot pick everything up. Find a bio-resonance practitioner in your area or someone online who can offer you a remote session over Skype. If you have toxins affecting your brain chemistry you need to take this information on and do the appropriate cleanse and supplement support work. Find a holistic practitioner that can help you do this properly. It can’t be rushed. If you are in my area (Byron Bay) and want contacts email me and I will pass practitioner info on.
  2. Move and breathe. A lot of the negativity comes from stagnation. The thoughts and emotions are not moving through you and you are not processing properly. I love this Free Kundalini Yoga 40 Day Mental Health Re-boot It does help shift the stagnation and improves mood.
  3. Get some cutting edge information so you are self-aware and self-responsible. I like the Medical Medium information. Try this podcast on anxiety and depression for a start. This information on bi-polar is good too, it’s not just about bi-polar it’s about the whole body and mental health. He goes into much more detail in his books, see here:  Medical Medium Books.
  4. Talk, Feel, Be honest & Cry. Suicidal thoughts are not usually you wanting to actually leave the planet, it’s overwhelming pain that just feels to much, too hard and too intense in the moment. When you are really honest about it and talk about it, it opens up channels for the energy to start to move. You might need to face old wounds, childhood trauma and other unresolved pain and you might need to make self-care changes, as above. Be brave and really feel the depth of it, once you do that you dissolve the fear of feeling the pain and it ‘pops a bubble’ so to speak and things just move and heal dramatically from there.

We are experiencing more waves of this grief as we prepare for 2020. If it is there for you, or if you just feel sensitive, teary or emotional and don’t know why, embodiment practices really help. As above, nature, working with your body, meditation, grounding and dance and great, also try my 3 Core Activation Prayers; Re-Embody, Re-Claim Power & Soul Embodiment  you can find them on my FREE RESOURCES PAGE and keep an eye out for my mediation bundle being released in the next few days. There is beautiful deep process called Emotional Healing. This healing audio helps you feel your emotions, clear negative emotions and embody.


Continuing on from the momentum of the last few months our personal healing has taken us deeper into our personal shadows. This momentum is still strong as we move into December. We are being called to look at parts of us that are not self-loving, that are not self-honouring, that bully, blame or judge self and others, that manipulate or disempower self or others, even in very subtle ways. Parts of us that neglect self-care, that think we are a fraud, are unlovable or not good enough. Parts of us that hide and make ourselves small. All of it, any of it, it is much more available for seeing, feeling, confronting and transmuting right now.With shadow work, the first step is to just see it and acknowledge that it exists. That’s all. As soon as you do that you draw the shadow out of its hiding, its corner, its basement into the light of full view where it can be lovingly exposed. As soon as you do this it has lost its power over you, it can’t control your reality anymore. You get to start peeling back the layers, looking at the thoughts and beliefs it created for you, the behaviours it encouraged in you and even perhaps where it came from and why. Our shadow aspects always come from a part of us trying to protect us from perceived pain. Go gently here if you are doing shadow work but also be bold and brave and go deeper than ever before because the moment is there to help you make way more progress than ever before!


As we approach the end of 2019 and the end of a very important 7-year cycle we are being asked by our Higher Selves to make an honest inventory or our year, or our last few years. An honest review. Gentle and compassionate but bravely honest. Honesty has been one of the repeat themes throughout this year, it keeps coming up and here it is again. Be honest with yourself about yourself. Where you supported yourself, where you might not have. Where you faced fears and boldly moved forward on your Soul path and where fears and resistance held you back from progress and expansion. It’s not necessarily about what you achieved and what you didn’t achieve but what you faced and what you shied away from. This review of self is so you can bring honesty and light into your understanding of yourself to help you step boldly into 2020 with no facades, masks or personal shadow aspects lying to you about who you are, what you are and what you are really here to be, do and express from this moment on.


I have been having these experiences in recent weeks where I will feel spaced out, my eyelids will flicker and streams of golden light and geometric shapes start pouring into my crown. It happens at night in bed, in meditation and while I have been watching a movie or the sunset. I have also been seeing it happen during sessions. We are receiving what my guides call Freedom Codes at the moment as we open up to more light and more Higher Self awareness coming into embodiment within us. Freedom codes help us delete and dissolve obsolete or unnecessary DNA coding that has held us in rigid, limiting or false thoughts and beliefs restricting our ability to expand. We all have limiting thoughts, beliefs, imprints and energies within us that form our reality structures.

These freedom codes are pouring in, in a big way, helping us dissolve what is outdated. This is decided by our Higher Self, it just happens, but it is up to us to support ourselves to calibrate these changes and let more ideas and concepts and energy around ‘freedom’ enter our reality. This is hugely important when it comes to us letting go of the old, making way for the new and making choices and decisions from now into 2020 that help navigate our lives, living more of our Soul truth. We all want and are moving toward more freedom in different paradigms of our lives. Where do you crave more freedom? Feel and dream in more freedom into these parts of your life.

Ok so there you have it, I hope you were able to get to the end of this update and receive with love and openness the key messages you individually needed. I hope this helps you prepare to close and calibrate your 2019 year and celebrate a joyous and Soul aligned leap into 2020.

P.s I’ve been guided that it is time to support the collective in a bigger way so I am launching my group program in February 2020 and I am so honoured and excited to do so. For more info and to join the wait-list please do so here:
Conscious Evolution – Group Membership Program 2020

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