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Energy Update: December 2020

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Well here we are, we have arrived in December, the final month of this huge year of unknowns, chaos, global shifts and mammoth personal growth and healing. We are definitely in a month of integrating but it’s also a powerful month to help us prepare for our Highest Soul Alignment for 2021. This will be my last monthly energy update for a while.

I am feeling guided to let go this kind of sharing and allowing guidance to come through about how I might share differently next year. This and all my previous updates can be found on my website. All energy updates and sharing on collective energy waves and cycles will now be posted in the private FB group inside my membership program, Conscious Evolution, more info on that at the bottom of the page.

But let me share the three powerful themes that have jumped out for me this month, I hope they inspire you and help you understand parts of your amazing journey.

Shadow Integration

I have seen many shadow purging cycles over the years, they can last days, weeks and occasionally a couple of months, but this recent shadow purging corridor we have journeyed though has been several months, at least 3 maybe more. It just went on and on and on, deeper and deeper. These kinds of cycles help us get more connected with our personal shadow, the thoughts, beliefs and behaviours that come from our shadow ‘personas’. These personas are there to ‘protect’ us from our wounds until we are ready to actually face, feel and heal them. So shadow purging cycles, although often really confronting, are massively supportive to help us shed all the facades, false and inauthentic behaviour, let go of directions and agendas that are not really serving us and of course come back to compassion, love and acceptance of self.


All of us have been journeying through this mammoth cycle in our own way. I tend to have specific and intense experiences when collapsing shadow and working with healing emotional wounds. I had lots of self-awarenss rise these past few months about my past, past actions, past behaviours and past unconscious reality constructs in my life. I did however find it much easier this time to move into forgiveness of self, forgiveness of others and just bring love, acceptance and peace to all of it. I just bathed my whole self, everyone else and the timeline of my entire life this incarnation if those beautiful waves of forgiveness, love and acceptance. It’s dramatically shifted how I see the past, what now comes up around that for me and has created a feeling of liberation and readiness to close and complete this year with love and open 2021 with love and even more Soul alignment.

Completions are all around us at the moment, we are competing so much, on so many levels that has been triggered this year, or that has culminated this year as a result of collective energies that have helped us accelerate so much. December energies are helping us strongly let go of all that we have taken on as conscious beings from the collective, all the projections, imprints, collective discords and anything else we've taken on that no longer serves us. This will be so freeing and help us transition into 2021 with more clarity and neutrality.


After we complete something, a learning path, a contract, a cycle, a period of important time, we automatically move into integrating that. Then from there we embody what we have learned or expanded into. This month there are lots of points of embodiment we are calling in due to all that we have journeyed through this year but there is a particular kind of embodiment this month that I am calling ‘breakthrough.’ Each of us has really stepped it up this year toward so much more alignment with our Soul truth, whether we recognise that as being true for us or not. Many of you will absolutely be nodding your head right saying, definitely yes! Some of you may not be sure as you still feel a bit out to sea or confused about how this whole year is integrating for you. But don’t worry, the awareness of this will come through if not now, possibly as December unfolds or into the beginning of next year as you get underway toward your alignment for next year. Breakthroughs are key insights, new supportive awareness, the literal breaking through of limitations, old reality constructs and the healing of wounds that have held you back for a long time. It’s the new-found empowerment embodying through you, it’s the discernment you have cultivated this year, it’s better boundaries and self-respect…its all the major steps of growth you have made this year. Please take a moment to look back, to see how far you have come and to, hand on heart, acknowledge every step you have made, every breakthrough and every opening. Celebrate yourself, give gratitude for yourself, thank yourself and love yourself no matter where you are at.

I wish you a wonderful end of year break and I wish you a wonderful start to a fresh New Year Cycle.

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2 thoughts on “Energy Update: December 2020”

  1. A yes I so resonate with this Leisha your words are like music to my soul its such a big time atm , and to be self reliant and self accepting has helped me so much .

  2. Thank you for guiding me and my family through this huge year! We are all blessed to have you on this journey. Wishing you deep relaxation and joy these holidays. Love you Leisha ♥️


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