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Energy Update Feb 2020

February could be the clearing after the storm. It brings us huge opportunities for clarity, revelation, new beginnings and new possibilities that could shape our entire year and our entire decade. This month there is a refreshing breeze passing through that is both, comforting, clearing of the cob-webs and uplifting.


This is the first theme. There has been an awful lot going on in the world, fires, floods, storms, volcano eruptions, sex scandals, celebrity deaths, a killer virus…so there has also been fear, grief, sadness, overwhelm, worry and anxiety. February helps us process all of the physical/external world events that have been going on. These external events represent very real internal events that are going on inside of all of us at the moment as we anchor into 2020 and a much more grounded 5D trajectory.

It’s easy when there is so much pain in the world and chaos to feel overwhelmed, disillusioned and like the shadow is just here to stay. But in order for the shadow to truly transmute it has to be brought into light, it has to emerge, be seen, sometimes experienced.

As you hear about and witness or remember all of these events remember to stay focussed on the solutions. On where we are all going as a collective family here on Earth. Stay focussed on your path, your dreams and desires and what feels right and heartfelt for you. These external events that look so much like shadow are representing a major transmutation going on inside of you. Your shadows are transmuting back into light. Your fears, doubts, lack of self belief, self judgement, self denial, all of it, is actually so supported right now to transmute back into light. We are going through radical DNA upgrades on a regular basis now, regular cellular updates and regular Soul downloads all of us, even if we are not aware of it.
February helps us dis-identify with our shadow, it's not who we are, it's a temporary passing energy for growth and being. We are supported into self love and self forgiveness this month so so much, into compassion and back into our hearts to just be gentle and loving with everything we are expriencing. Our past is not who we are, our past actions, our past thoughts, our past-lives. None of that is who we are, we actually get to expand in this moment now and be our brightest and most brilliant light, right now. Just focus on that, know that that is what you are.


We have also been through a massive collective karma collapse. This is like a whole host of energies, imprints, patterns and projections in particular themes all coming up but all collapsing at once too. Very intense but so so powerful. One of my clients whole family got sick with the same thing as they all participated in clearing collective family karma in the line (all about disempowerment and shame), another one of my clients had days and days of tears as she cleared collective grief from her female line (all about never reaching goals or actuasligin dreams) . I had a massive rollercoaster week of highs and lows and I dove deep and cleared so much negative money stuff, feeling unsupported or things being unfair. The feelings really gripped me in the moment but I was so acutely aware this was old stuff, family stuff, ancestral stuff and collective stuff powering through my system. We are all doing this on some level and it's been intense since New Year as 2020 is such a radically different vibration to 2019 so we are being forced to collapse a whole host of energies fast! Be aware if you have an intense time or old themes re-emerging this is probably happening for you too.


This momentum then is moving us toward more clarity. What do we want this year, how are we really feeling about our dreams and desires this year. Gaining clarity on that is more in reach this month. Focus on that, just focus on what feels clear and leave the rest to integrate and reveal itself to you in Divine timing. There is no need to push and force but to actually soften so you can just feel this emerging clarity.

This will support you to also feel and connect with your intuition is a much bigger way. With all these DNA, cellular and consciousness upgrades we are able to be so much more in touch with our Higher Selves. This means so much more in touch with our truth and so much more ready to enact that truth. Boundaries, desires, speaking up, making choices, determination, willpower and trust are all part of what we can feel more of and allow to flow through us.

Your intuition may come through in varying ways, let it. Dreams, gut feeling, anxiety and doubt that suddenly just turns into a sense of knowing, feeling drawn or resonating with something or someone. Flow with all of this this month. February is helping set up our themes and energies for the rest of the year so it’s a very powerful month to get traction, momentum, wisdom and clarity about who we are, what we want and what’s important for us right now.These energies of clarity, focus and deepening intuition are themes for the whole 2020 year but make a big impression in February.

The key message is let this process unfold without force, witness rather than question, feel rather than think and when things are clear to you, take action with compassion.

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