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ENERGY UPDATE JANUARY 2020: The Year Of Reckoning And Unconditional Love

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It was a strong passage through December into some pretty intense clearing, shadow release, collective healing and big influxes of light!

In Jan and moving into 2020 we are facing some really big shake-ups. Massive change internally and in the world around us as we heal separation on a deeper level and allow that to be represented in the world around us.


The gateway of 12.12.19  brought through huge waves and codes of unconditional love helping us open our heart gates and anchor more of this universal and Divine light in our bodies, minds, consciousness and the collective. This influx of love disturbed, uncovered and threw up a lot of darkness to clear in ourselves and the planet. We are still integrating this on all levels of our being.


The gateway of 21.12.19 was a second major wave of light, huge amounts of Divine service were able to enter our consciousness and open us to new ideas, new paradigms and new paths of possibility. This influx of light represents collective change, new systems and patterns of light that are here to support new technology, ideas, solutions, change and transformation on an individual, social, governmental and planetary level. We need this now. We need change. We need practical and tangible solutions to many of the world problems we face. We need new light codes within us to heal the internal fragmentation and separation that has plagued our consciousness and reality. As within, so without. This was also a tricky phase to navigate as it brought up lots of old trauma, fear, anxiety, doubt and apathy, old hidden densities and stagnation in our cells and ego – into parts of us that don't want to or are resisting change.


Then we have the next upcoming gateway 10 and 11 January 2020 which is bringing in Divine codes of remembering and resurrection of the Divine threefold flame. Trust, love, and union are the words I have been given to describe the embodied experience of this energy anchoring within us. It’s helping us process the immense amount of change already going on and more that is to come. It’s helping us observe what is going on in the world as uncomfortable as that is at times, while being able to come back to our hearts, to compassion, unconditional love and courage time and time again as we make important changes on all levels of our being.


2020 is a year of Initiation and Reckoning. All of us are being guided toward facing up to uncomfortable truths.

There is going to be a lot of fear coming up and fear clearing in 2020. This coming year is a crossroads between what was and what can be.  The old paradigm and the new. This could be described as a battle or an experience of being torn within. Societal system shakeup is going to occur this year. Internal push and pull about what you will choose to face up to in yourself and what you may not want to. You will likely feel this push-pull in many parts of your internal self. It won’t always be easy or comfortable but you will be supported into more willingness and more awareness as you do take steps forward to more courageously face your ego, your shadow, your wounds, your lack of self-love and your experience/perception of separation from Source.

The ego and shadow self get tricker and more subtle the more awakened we get so our commitment and courage to our personal healing, awakening, and embodiment also needs to keep expanding to the next and the next and the next level. Choosing to face more and more of what is hidden, dormant, denied, hard to see, reach or feel inside ourselves is the absolute number one key to changing the world. Everything that is going on externally represents what is going on internally. There is no separation. We are all of Source, from Source and return to Source and we must collectively expand as one family of light.

It’s important that we nourish ourselves with nurturing and heart-opening activities and bliss-inducing states but we also need to step into the discomfort and the fire more too this year. The fire of facing ourselves, the fire of owning up to things inside of us, the fire of stepping up our commitment to our spiritual path, spiritual practices, and hidden truths. This is an initiation into our greater inner light and courage to be more honest with ourselves than ever before and step into our true individual Soul path with more courage and will. Our personal will and Divine will are becoming more and more unified.


Although it may not seem like it in the collective with so much shadow going on in the world, true Divine light and love is flooding in like never before in order to burst open illusion, dark agenda, shadow aspects in the world and in every corner of the universe, where it is needed most. Planet Earth and what is going on here is a fragment and reflection of what is going on in the whole universe.Like ripping off a bandaid this may not appear or feel pleasant or gentle at first but is necessary. I am feeling this will come through as many more exposures around sexual misconduct, abuse of power, fraud and deception in the elite groups in the world. We have had Micheal Jackson, Harvey Weinstein and Jeffrey Epstein to name a few exposed as sexual predators wreaking havoc and causing trauma on so many levels. There will be much more of this kind of exposure coming in 2020 and 2021. These are more extreme examples of where shadow behaviour has gone unchecked for decades. It won't just be in the sexual arena, there will be exposure in all kinds of places, paradigms and in all themes where the light will draw out the dark.

We are no longer allowing a culture and community of silence, we are not sweeping things under the carpet. The massive influx of light and specifically codes of unconditional love from the Divine heart of the universe is pouring in. Not speaking out is not unconditional love. Unconditional love is tough love, it holds those in dark and shadow behaviour accountable with compassion but also strength and empowerment.  As we hold others accountable we must also hold ourselves accountable! Unconditional love and forgiveness is the antidote, the solution, the cooling balm and transformative and transmuting effect for all dark, deceptive, shadowy and wayward energies and agenda in the universe, the planet and our inner psyche. We are asked to REALLY STEP IT UP this year in personal accountability, responsibility, honesty, integrity, self-awareness and commitment and courage to face ourselves on all levels. If we don't do that we are likely to get a push or a spiritual ‘kick up the bum' so to speak to help us.


An unconditional love revolution is happening collectively and its also happening for us individually. We will be supported in Jan 2020 and beyond to speak up, create boundaries, speak the truth with love and shape our lives according to higher values of self-esteem and self-love for one and all. Our self-identity will change this year. How we see ourselves fitting into our own life will change this year. We will become more sovereign while at the same timeless separate to others.


Make a commitment with yourself in 2020 to be a part of this tremendous influx of light, this unconditional love revolution and this strong stepping up. Just start with you and get really lovingly but deeply honest with yourself about where you are at. What parts of you are not bathed in forgiveness and unconditional love from yourself to yourself? What anger and hurt and wounding are you still holding that has been caused by others that goes unhealed within you? What do you need to look and own and feel more deeply within you? What commitments can you make to yourself this year that up-level your honouring of you, that support you, protect you and empower you as a brilliant Divine Soul? What old traumas have you hidden from that you know you know you need to face and heal. What brilliance and beauty inside of you have you also denied and disallowed to express and shine? Do all of this and more with courage and commitment but also with balance. Don't go into overwhelm, make the commitment than just take it one step at a time. Stay centred, nourished and present as you flow through this extremely powerful and magical year ahead. The more you commit to your own healing journey the more you will be able to effortlessly create and receive into your life. This year grants us an incredible opportunity to manifest so much more of our hearts desires and true Soul path expressions….if we step up our honesty and commitment to self.

I honour you and your journey and thank you for your integral part in the shift of the ages.

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