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Many of us at this time right now feel very tired, exhausted even. Deeply mentally and physically depleted. Lot’s of change is happening, lots of integration of everything we have worked on in the first half of the year. We are still calibrating significant timeline, DNA and consciousness shifts we have all been moving through this year. This is helping us or leading us to rebirth on multiple levels.

Feeling into the energies and opportunities coming through this month in July there are four main themes currently going through recalibration in the collective; MONEY, TRUTH, SERVICE and REBIRTH.


We are upgrading our reality around money. As we move onto higher trajectory timelines we collapse and let go of old paradigm energies, beliefs and constructs that become irrelevant and no longer serve us. There has always been a lot of charge around money. In 4D there was the birthing of the truth movement where truth seekers and the disclosure movement started to release information about how and why money was originally created, as a means of control. Information about the banking cartels, the few families that run the world and own the reserve bank, the debt-slavery system that humanity has been hoodwinked into, the manipulations that go on with the stock market, the shadow governments involvement and on and on it goes. The revelation of truth is vital to ascension but we cannot dwell on the past. Money is neutral.  It’s the consciousness around it that changes and those changes are happening more now than ever.

The changes and opportunities at present mean we can raise our vibration around the idea and resonance of money and clear any old paradigm and redundant beliefs still attached creating distortion of any kind. This calls forward a fresh and positive change around money and our delight and ability to attract it into our lives in new and creative ways. Money does not have to be hard, out of reach, heavy, require a lot of effort, etc etc. Instead it can be light, playful, surprising, imaginative, joyful and exciting!

Weird money stuff has been showing up in the field. Paypal or Stripe delays, money going missing, mis-calculations, surprise money showing up out of nowhere and other anomalies. If this has been happening to you and continues into July you are having a physical and embodied experience of this shift. Let it happen, let it run its course but pay attention to what is dropping away, negative thoughts, worries and concerns, old money ideas and stories. Make room for something new and entirely positive! Even if fears or money anxieties have been coming up for you, this is just a purge, not a sign you are in money trouble.


The same shift and purification process is happening around our concept of truth. You might say but isn’t truth just truth? Well, no not really. There are levels and layers to truth. What we so call ’truth’ changes as our vibration and dimensional reality changes. As we anchor more into 5D we purify outdated versions of ‘truth’ and open to higher levels of understanding. There is only one absolute truth. Love is all there is. Everything outside of that is perspective and our perspectives are going through a major recalibration to lift us up out of lower perceptive states to free us from limitations we may not even know we have. Lower level ’truths’ are there to serve us for a period of time and are not right or wrong. They are just ideas and concepts that meet us where we are at to help us along to the next step in our journey until we evolve to the next step.

A few clients have noticed changes in their ’truth’ around food and eating for example. It used to be ’true’ for them that they had to eat a certain way to maintain their body weight and prevent unpleasant symptoms. But this has changed significantly. They are now finding that rigid protocols actually don’t work and in fact no longer prevent the symptoms they suffer with. They find that intuitive eating and feeling into the ’now’ with what feels right to support their body works best. This is more beneficial, feels light, easier and more harmonious. It’s an evolutionary shift and a shift in ’truth.’ This is their example and does not necessarily apply to you but I could give you a hundred examples. Our ’truth’ is shifting and we have to let it do this and not resist the change. Notice what might be shifting for you in this space. Things that were once status quo for you may be up for questioning and review. Doing things differently. Being drawn to different ideas, perspectives, views and concepts. Opening your mind and heart to a new way. This shift is gradual for most but there are many cases at the moment of radical  changes happening overnight or in an instant. These kinds of changes are starting to anchor strongly in July.

A strong collective example is in countries where there is a predominant religion which includes whole families and communities abiding by the religious ideas, beliefs, rituals and expectations. I have had deep discussions with several people while traveling through Asia in the last few months. In their own beautiful and respectful way they have all shared the same message with me. Paraphrasing; “I love my parents, my community and my culture a great deal. I respect them a great deal and even though I am technically… ( Hindu, Buddhist, Muslim or Balinese.).. I’m not. I go along with it and genuinely like many aspects of the tradition but am aware I was born into it. It has not been my personal sovereign choice. I see my parents and grandparents carrying on these traditions without question, but for me, I need to question. I need to allow other perspectives in. I need to find new ways of expressing my spirituality”

These conversations have been deeply touching. These beautiful Souls are genuinely torn. They have a signifiant role as they are born into these traditions but have Soul contracts to break the mould, to pioneer new ways, to change, to take new paths. Despite the pain this might cause their families, they know they must do it.

These kinds of shifts and breakthroughs are happening everywhere right now. They are happening for you too even on the most subtle level if you can’t feel it consciously. Be open and mindful and observe where you are perhaps questioning or just letting go in order to make space for something new and more aligned for you.


These significant shifts are rippling through the whole field right now. Money and Truth are two paradigms or expressions where I can feel it very strongly but the essential shift of letting go of the old and letting in the new is happening everywhere and with everyone. It means that our idea of ’service’ or ‘purpose path’ is also going through an upgrade. Because money and truth and essential archetypal paradigms in the human psyche its deeply affecting our ideas around how we work, what we do, how we express ourselves, our creativity, our giving and sharing, our purpose and how that looks and feels right now. We all serve. We are all a part of the collective shift. This does not mean we are in a healer, light worker or pioneering role. They are just expressions. Everyone is a part of it, it’s not about what you do, it’s how you resonate. The words you speak to people each day, the energy in your field that people feel, how you think, your choices, world views, actions and intentions.

No matter what you do or how you do it, you are going through upgrades and recalibrations right now to shift in some way, small, large, subtle or obvious in and around how you work, play, serve, believe and move through the world.


Death, change, transformation, rebirth, renewal, transition…many words to explore a very big cycle of rebirth at the moment. I could have written a whole piece just on this but it felt important to explore it in this energy update as it’s permeating everything we think, feel and experience at the moment and it is really the momentum of change moving through all the other obvious paradigms mentioned above.

Many Souls are choosing to pass at this time. They have already this year or are moving into preparation to pass soon. They are complete. Their Soul contracts are complete. No matter how old they are, what illness or means they choose to manifest to call forward the transition, no matter who and what they are leaving behind or how logical or painful it is for others. These Souls are being called to leave the physical body and transition into other forms and roles. Many of them are choosing to stay close to Earth and continue to help as guides, helpers and contributors of ascension just in other ways. They are rebirthing in their own very personal and important ways right now.

Rebirth is also moving through all of us that are choosing to stay. We are rebirthing our belief systems, world views, opinions, our likes and dislikes, what we are drawn to and what we find meaningful, joyful, interesting and or fulfilling. This can come out of nowhere or be very subtle and emerge over time. Have you or can you notice this rebirth going on for you on any level? Not that there needs to be a particular conscious experience of it, but many of you will be aware of this. Things are changing. How we feel. What we want. What we believe in. What we are manifesting and so much more.

As we go through death, change and rebirth we have to let go, so transmutation can occur. Of course nothing really ever dies, it just transitions, energy, ideas, Souls…just transition. Take some time to notice how rebirth is moving through you and with presence and deep honouring of who you are, without judgement, with just compassion and acceptance of every part of you and every moment of your journey…let go…welcome the change.

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