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ENERGY UPDATE JULY AUGUST 2020 – 5 Powerful Themes

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Welcome to the July August energy corridor. Some powerful themes are showing up! We are really diving deep at the moment and shifting energy at a rate never ever seen before on planet Earth. This really is a remarkable time and an intense time of dismantling so many of our own patterns, shadows and wounds which of course dramatically and rapidly shifts the quantum field and supports every awake and every asleep being on the planet so they too can move into the shifts, healings, transformation, awareness and awakening journey they need in order to come into alignment with Source, truth and love.


It’s a testing time for some, as fatigue, exhaustion and depletion moves through our bodies. Some are feeling this as burnout and overwhelm, others as simply deeply tired and needing to rest more, step back, re-evaluate what they need on a physical level and having to really tune in on supporting the body right now. Others are finding physical symptoms re-activate, old injuries and conditions resurface and some are just feeling strange pains and sensations that are not connected to any known symptom or condition. Please check in around your physical body and its needs right now. Our bodies are a sacred instrument through which we experience life and embody our true nature. At the moment they are shifting in order to hold more light and higher frequencies so we can consciously experience higher levels of our consciousness, truth, Source connection and feel, see or sense our higher alignments better.


We all know what personal shadow is. We could probably name a few of the shadow behaviours projections, beliefs and aspects we hold or that make up a part of our learning path. These shadows have layers and we have all been working on them for a long time. But at the moment what it arising is an opportunity to feel or become more aware of our subtle shadow layers. The ones we miss, don’t recognise unless we really get very present. Perhaps even the ones we have not wanted to see but are now, actually ready to. Subtle personal shadow within us are the ones that silently weave into our everyday words, actions, thoughts, beliefs and expressions. They are not the ‘big, bad, ugly’ (no judgement) ones that lurch forward, unmissable, every few months when we get triggered by something obvious. They are the very subtle but very pervasive in nature and make up a part of distorting our reality on a regular basis. At the moment we are being asked by our Higher self and given the opportunity to see, sense, feel or become aware of these subtle energies within, as a way of bringing them up to the light within us, looking, seeing, acknowledging, loving into the light for simple yet profound transfiguration into neutrality and love. If you become more present and willing to see what has been subtle but affecting you, you will know your self far better.


One of the bigger shadow themes definitely emerging as July and August unfold is victimhood. We all have it. It’s one of the core, fundamental shadow archetypes that we all face and it can show up in any topic, just about anywhere. Without judging yourself for doing this, just be open to seeing this in yourself play out in the next few weeks. Where are you not in power? Where do you feel ‘at the effect' of something or someone outside of your own being, where do you feel attached to something that really is none of your business and not in alignment for you to be engaged with on that level? One of the places I have been seeing the victim show up is in connection to feeling victimised by our wounds. Creating and attached to stories where the wound becomes a badge of honour, a credible story to validate something in your life or an attachment that gives you some kind of identity. I saw this in myself recently when I had a huge day of releasing deep parental wounds quite unexpectedly. As they emerged and I cried and released, I was also shown that part of me was holding onto a ’story’ connected to what I thought or perceived my childhood experiences were. This attachment was a form of victimhood, it was telling me, I was not loved, I was neglected, I was unsupported etc. I was shown that it actually did not matter if those perceptions were true or not, but that a part of me was holding onto them being true. This was the victimhood still present in how I was relating to my past and my reality around it.  The truth is, I was loved, in the way my parents could express and that is the perception and story that helps me stay empowered and let go of any wounds here keeping me contracted. This experience was a subtle shadow, victimhood and parental wounds in one! What might be showing up here for you?


As I have just shared above, we have the opportunity at the moment to perceive our past and especially our childhood as it related to our parental experiences, radically differently. Instead of through the eyes of the victim, through the eyes of neutral observation and willingness to be present for ourselves in the now. We are not our stories, our past, our wounds, our shadows, or our limitations. They are all temporary perceptions that lead to opportunities for growth acceptance, power, truth and awakening. Is there anything here holding you back, that you are attached to, that wants to emerge and transform?


Freedom codes are the opposite to enslavement programming. At the moment on planet Earth humans are deleting enslavement programming that has been deeply entrenched in our cells, DNA, consciousness and energy fields. Our entire social structure, finance, education, work, the health industry and so on have been constructed based on enslavement programming. This was imposed upon us by outside forces a long time ago. But we allowed it to happen. There is no point making this a reason to feel victimised or to create a desire to ‘fight back.’ But rather it’s time to focus on the freedom codes. These are light codes, energy waves, transmissions, upgrades and frequencies moving in, through and around you at this time. Focus on where you are being guided into more desire to speak truthfully, own truth, feel truth, express truth and share truth with others. Truth is one of the freedom codes coming through right now, and there are many. You might be feeling this blatantly already, but if not tune in, feel into where you are on a more subtle but still powerful level being guided to express more truth and then make changes, make decisions and take different actions around that emerging truth. Although this may be challenging at first, it’s ultimately liberating!

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2 thoughts on “ENERGY UPDATE JULY AUGUST 2020 – 5 Powerful Themes”

  1. Thanks for this information Leisha its always spot on for me even the victimhood ,ekkk that ol chestnut , I appreciate your information as it always shows the truth to uncover . rest up beautiful friend ….By the WAY …..when ever you feel unloved just feel ….Naomi actually loves me unconditionally … Its true you have really been my only true friend atm ,and i wanted to thank you just cause I’m in a open hearted space and probably don’t share these feelings often but i’m over covering my feelings in case I trigger someone ….PFT ….hope your resting …Night .


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