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ENERGY UPDATE JUNE 2019: Shadow, DNA upgrades, New Timelines

May was intense. June is transformational. We have come out of the fire so to speak but are still figuring out what it all means. If I had to write this energy update before today it would not have been possible. I have had one of the toughest weeks in a very long time. Wave after wave of emotion, Soul disembodiment that took days and repeat process to reintegrate, deep and ongoing work on my family matrix, physical symptoms and the clearing of several attachments that really threw me around. Yes I know! Sounds like we are back in 4D with all this shadow processing going on.

Working with the Shadow

I am in Chiang Mai Thailand at the moment and some of the shadow work was due to picking up spirit attachments from the local area I am living in. Countries like this have a rich and complex political, religious, karmic and spiritual history. There are many years of ritual, superstition and unresolved karma that can affect conscious, empathic and open beings as they travel through areas like this. It really made me tune in to what I am doing on a Soul and unconscious spiritual level.

The shadow experiences I had here happened for two reasons. One because I was in a really tough place emotionally and energetically for a number of days and I felt contracted, anxious, overwhelmed and had also triggered a number of negative thoughts and fears. This can happen to all of us when we are in rapid transformation. When we activate charge (our wounds and limitations) and become contracted due to this, it’s possible to pick up attachments. This happens less and less in 5D reality or to be more accurate, happens in a totally different way in 5D reality. We don’t seem to get caught in these shadow experiences for as long and it becomes easier to clear and resolve these kinds of experiences. Attachments we do get attach to our own negative charge and unhealed wounds and emotions helping them activate and come to the surface for acknowledgement and healing.

The second reason I have had so much shadow work to do over here is due to Soul agreements and collective service. As conscious beings we all process at times huge amounts of energy for our families, for the collective and for people and geographic locations we connect with. This can sometimes be intense and take a toll on us, temporarily knocking us off centre and activating all kinds of negative emotion and charge. However we are all able to let go and release the ‘burden’ and associated challenge and pain of this collective service. There are times we have the energy and can absolutely step in and serve on this very high level. There are other times that we have a choice, we can release Soul contracts binding us to this level of collective service. I wrote more about collective service agreements in a previous energy update on my facebook page here.

If this resonates for you, you might need to drop in and feel into where your service energy is currently going. Are you still processing for partners, friends, family, ancestry and collective. Does that feel in alignment, balanced, heart opening and nourishing. Does it feel draining, challenging, emotionally painful and difficult? It’s ok to tune into your Soul and call in your Higher Self and Divine team for support and guidance and say, I need time to self nurture, to replenish. Are there any collective Soul agreements I can release right now so I can just play, nurture myself and rebalance for a while? We need to love, nurture, be kind to and support ourselves while we balance our spiritual journey and reality with just being human, in a human body, living here on Earth.  There is a time and place for everything.

The end of May and during June we are being given support for more shadow healing, clearing and integration. Whenever we come into shadow experiences and shadow work on any level, it is always an invitation to come into a deeper connection with our personal shadow, our deepest heart and truth. Continually being willing to see, confront, forgive, love and accept our shadow rather than judge, deny, repress and feel shame about our shadow. This creates more opportunities for integrating our shadow aspects and embodying the lessons and gifts they so courageously bring forward. The result is more self-love, more self-acceptance and coming into wholeness.

DNA Upgrades

DNA upgrades are a part of embodying the new light, upgrading our realities and clearing old codes, patterns, imprints and distortions that have governed how we perceive and create the reality in our lives. When I work with people and we are clearing distortions of any kind, negative thoughts, limited beliefs, pain-based emotion, trauma, wounding etc. space is created as a result. Immediately in that new space downloads start to come in. The Soul and Higher Self will transmit to you, the lower self, and help you receive more of your Higher Self consciousness and higher Soul energies and directives to help guide your life in a more expanded and high vibration way.

When new realities and higher energies are embodying for a person I am shown in my vision the double helix DNA symbol spinning. The DNA is upgrading to hold and reflect the new higher reality. During my very tough week these last few days often when I went into stillness and meditation I saw this in my own inner energetic space. I was being shown that this is happening for me, for those I work with and in the collective at the moment as we pass through a very significant DNA upgrade wave. DNA upgrades are a bit like updating our hardware so the new software (Soul directives and Higher Self energies) can come online and express through us.

There is not really anything specific that might be happening in your physical or energetic awareness to alert you to this DNA upgrade wave, except possibly a resonance with what I am sharing. But for some, it can bring a purging of the old (I had several intense days of this last week). Anything that is complete, discordant, negative and contracted can come to the surface for purging and this can cause challenge and temporary difficulty in many ways like negative thoughts, anxiety, overwhelm, fear-based thoughts and ideas, fatigue, confusion, pain based emotion, vivid disturbing dreams etc. As the purge moves through these manifestations move through also. The last week of May was particularly strong for DNA upgrades. We will be integrating these upgrades all through June. Often once the wave has mostly moved through a new wave of positive and creative thoughts will follow and this is where change and transformation emerge.

New Timelines

DNA upgrades often happen just before new timelines form. Timelines are like lifestreams, like possibilities and actualities that we live out while in the body, like storylines in a ‘choose your own adventure’. There are always multiple timelines forming for us as individuals at any one time. Based on our choices, intentions and creations we can collapse and dissolve lower vibrational timelines we no longer need while creating and affirming higher trajectory timelines that truly reflect our Divine intent. Timeline collapse of the old has seemed to come in waves in the collective.

When new, organic and higher trajectory timelines form it is really activating a new future path. It’s a time that enormous change, transitions and transformation can occur in your life. I’ve had so many people in recent weeks making major 180 turns in life. Moving countries, going back into corporate roles after entrepreneurial projects have not taken off, moving away from creative projects and ideas that once felt so right, changing minds around major decisions, opening to ideas or possibilities that were once not being considered, feeling passion or purpose around something new and many more experiences of radical change occurring almost out of nowhere.

It’s not really out of nowhere its the individual opening to higher energies within themselves that is causing a change in feeling, perception and direction. Embrace this! It may not look and feel like you thought it might, getting to this point in your journey. Perhaps you are being guided to something you could never have guessed in advance. Don’t judge it, trust it, go with it, surrender to the higher Divine energies and momentum propelling you forward in possibly new and unexpected ways. Collectively we are all going through an enormous change right now which is going to lead us on toward more Soul alignment and fulfilling life experiences. Be gentle and kind too, to yourself and to others as change and transformation are not always easy. It can trigger confusion, doubt and fear or inspiration, excitement and desire, or all of the above! Some of us are embracing it and running with it but some of us are still processing fear. This can make people contract, have low energy, be reactive or express shadow aspects of themselves. Allow patience and compassion.

Love and gratitude to all of you for your part, your contribution, your embodiment, and support. We truly are creating a whole new world where every being is loved, seen, accepted and celebrated as the light they truly are.

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