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ENERGY UPDATE MAY 2019 Questioning, Identity, Desire, Detachment & Break Throughs

Welcome to May! Congratulations on making it through March and April which were very activating and clearing months. This much movement brought intensity, chaos, change, questioning, confusion and anxiety to the surface while supporting us to access and start to move some very deep emotion. The rebirth momentum in April helped us reach and unlock deeper parts of our heart space. This supports us to feel much more of our true heart nature but not before connecting with and feeling the pain that is held there. Most of this was collective and paradigm based pain that affects us all. The pain of the human journey, the pain of ’separation’, the pain of not knowing the self, the pain of not feeling passion, purpose, connection, the pain of feeling confused by life. We’re still in the afterglow of this major rebirth cycle, feeling shifts but perhaps not understanding them or not feeling fully centred, grounded or clear. A lot is still integrating so feeling clarity and calm may not be so easy just at the moment. If you are feeling this cycle consciously you are more likely feeling turbulence and overwhelm, although that won’t be everyone’s experience.


Part of what this major recalibration is about and helping us through is the collapse of old paradigm ideas, attachments, beliefs and imprints around our identity. We all have so many identity-based delusions and attachments that we must question, confront and allow to deconstruct so that a much more pure and authentic version of ourselves can emerge. This can be very confronting as we are encouraged to face who we are without the roles, relationships, talents, business projects, jobs, social ‘belongingness’ and other kinds of external structures we have placed on ourselves throughout our lifetime.



In particular, this has been difficult for many of us who might be finding it hard at the moment to ‘figure out’ who we are, what we do, how to put language around that and what it all means. Many clients, friends and colleagues at the moment have expressed their great challenge of no longer feeling aligned to the words coach, healer, psychic or other descriptions. Those that are not directly in a healer/practitioner space are still facing this question. What is it I actually do? What is it I actually want to do? How do I evolve on a deeply personal and spiritual level while growing in my job, business or relationship? How do I connect to others authentically while feeling so confused and displaced in my own life? Not easy questions to answer but important questions to ask. These questions, however elusive the answers, are helping us deconstruct any complete or misaligned energies and experiences that no longer serve our work, business and creative paths. But this not knowing or confusion around identity, path, choices, descriptions, language and ‘how’ to move forward on your path triggers anxiety, confusion, doubt, contraction and also detachment. A feeling that maybe you don’t want to ‘be’ any of those things you used to be. Confusion around thoughts like, have I just ended up here or have I created this relationship, career, life path etc because it’s my highest alignment?

I know this has come up for me for a long while now with my work and creative path. I really struggle with the ’need’ to be more and more public with social media and visibility in any way that feels confined, expected or formulaic. I just can’t capitulate to any marketing strategies, social media formula’s or trendy communication styles that might be status quo in the online entrepreneurial world. But where does this leave me? How should I communicate? What do I want to say and how does that flow for me? What do I call myself, am I a coach, psychic, intuitive, healer, facilitator, channel? None of those? All of those? Does it even matter?

I was with someone the other day at a cafe here in Canguu in Bali and someone asked them what they do for a living…I saw them immediately contract and the question race through their mind. “What do I do? How do I begin to talk about that?”  A few words popped out a little awkwardly that did not describe very much at all or create a defined and comfortable description that we are all conditioned and used to speaking and hearing. Oh, you do ’that’ that is easy for me to hear and understand. But if this person had said, “well I’m currently exploring my inner reality and trying to navigate from a new place without knowing what that is and I have no language for that right now”, it would have been more honest but perhaps more confronting for the listener? Maybe not, perhaps it’s what the listener really needed to hear. Not right or wrong. We are all navigating this new and mysterious terrain together. Unravelling in order to recreate.


Another big part of this unpacking is the recalibration of desire, passion, drive and feeling inspired and connected to anything, and I mean anything at all. Feeling inspired or connected to anything is hard for some people right now. I am seeing and hearing so many people really struggle with this. Drive and ambition have all but dried up. A kind of ‘knowing’ they are being guided or ‘supposed’ to be doing this or that but not really feeling very much about it. Going through the motions but without any mojo. Questioning a lot and exploring a lot which triggers doubt and lack of worthiness. A dear friend and client said to me the other day, “I’ve been plugging away at this business venture for 8 years now, is it really what I should be doing? Am I really any good at this? Is it time to move on but I am just not picking up the cues? But how would I move on and to what?” The questions can go on and on without any apparent answers.

Is this happening to you on any level? Are you deconstructing and unpacking any area of your life that has confined you in old ideas, relationships, projects, identities, descriptions, paths and viewpoints that just don’t work anymore? Is your drive and passion in total flux? Are you questioning a lot with no real answers? Do you feel deep recalibration going on that might be unsettling and hard to define?

Don’t seek the answer just yet, there just needs to be space right now for this very important collapse. In the space you allow, new energies will arise that will carry your path forward in a way that is more aligned for you, however that looks or feels, however scary that might be perceived to be, however different that might look compared to what is going on now. Whether you can define it or not.  We are all learning how to be completely different humans right now and there is no guidebook.


We are really powerfully being called into our courage and bravery to ask the hard questions and be willing for the answers to emerge in Divine timing. Do I need to make drastic changes in my life? Am I in the right relationship? Is this business, venture, project right for me? Do I need to let go of … (fill in the blank)? Can you drop in and see if there are burning questions bubbling under the surface for you right now and without being attached to answers, allow space for the questions, trusting answers come in many different ways and when you are ready to receive them.

Having the courage to ask the questions with no idea when or how the answers will emerge is like the incredible power that intention sets forth in our life. It can call forth a great deal. I have seen so many glass ceilings about to crumble away for those I work with revealing answers to hard questions and revealing the the new paths, resources, solutions and whatever is needed to help them break through massive challenge, fear and unknowns. This births whole new realities, paradigms and life experiences that are so much more Soul aligned guaranteeing more joy and fulfilment,

There is so much more of your Soul aspects, Soul truth and inner guidance that wants to be a part of your path, expression and reality right now. There is so much more you can do, be and share. Be brave and find your courage. Feel it, flow with it. Explore it and dance with it. Trust and open to your higher mind. Let it work everything out as your lower mind most likely has absolutely no idea right now how to navigate everything you are going through.

You are a precious and magnificent being of light that has a unique Soul path ahead of you. Embrace the truth that you are breaking through something right now and just on the other side is a more expanded version of you that you love and that loves you unconditionally. You have your back!

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