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There are a lot of energies and transitions we are currently facing in June that have also been consistent energy themes in April and into May. It’s been an interesting and challenging time on the planet these last few months. Everyone is having very different and varied experiences as we move through this global story but the common thread is we are all being activated very strongly whether we realise this consciously or not.
There are 4 themes I wanted to share for this May-June Energy Update:
  • Depth of Release
  • Shadow Clearing and Disclosure
  • Receiving
  • 5D Frequency Activation

Depth of Release

Our ability to deeply release has expanded, we are touching very deep and very old dense energies within us, and this can be confusing and confronting. We have been and are continuing into a phase of deeply releasing our wounded energies, patterns, perceptions and contractions in order to support ongoing expansion into more truth, clarity and purpose. This has shown up particularly in healing past events. Flashbacks, memories, dreams and remembering events, people, stories and experiences of the past have come up in waves. This has helped us feel and release deeper layers of sadness, grief, regret, shame, fear and other emotional density. It has also allowed us to feel gratitude, compassion and light-heartedness around ourselves and our pasts as if we are looking at ourselves through loving eyes and seeing it all as just a game, just a play, just a moment in time without the need for judgement, labelling, comparison or analysing. This has been deeply challenging for those of us that have chosen to journey through the intense emotional release but also incredibly liberating, uplifting and expansive. This will continue into June but may bring with it more clarity or softness as the waves move through us. There is definitely a ‘break-through’ energy available in June which can offer more clarity, empowerment, direction and knowing as we piece all of this together for ourselves in our own unique way. ‘Breakthrough' cycles help us feel more confident in decision gaming and help us rest back into trust that we know our path forward.

Shadow Clearing and Disclosure

The beginning of April and into May brought a very strong disclosure movement wave. The global event with Corona Virus has accelerated this immensely. The disclosure movement is the truth-seeking movement. It’s the revealing to the public the conspiracies, the corruption, the corporate or government cover-ups, the agendas that go on in the world at various levels that are discordant to truth and integrity. Some conscious beings have been very drawn into this space. This is a wave of shadow clearing. It’s expelling and pushing forward disclosure on a global scale and it’s also purging the inner individual shadow. Your shadows. Your shadows are the discords and ‘dark’ aspects of your being that include limited beliefs, shadow behaviours, unhealed pain points and misguided or unconscious negative intentions. These ’shadows’ all come from your wounds. You create your shadow aspects as a defence mechanism to ‘protect’ you from your own wounds. May and into June we will continue to be supported to purge, see, comfort and transmute our personal shadows. This is happening as a collective wave so everyone has the opportunity right now in an accelerated way. This is so we can transmute our own inner discords into more light which supports the collective to do the same. We will see global change as a result of this transformational wave. Pay attention to what you might be seeing and feeling rise within your own being, your own shadow, really see it, shine the light on, embrace it and lovingly hold it in your heart with pure acceptance until it starts to transmute. With this new level of self-awareness comes empowerment.


We are currently healing a collective wound of ‘lack' and the confusion and distortion of old-paradigm thinking around giving and receiving. Conscious beings in the collective right now are healing a series of wounds that all can be related to these themes of receiving. Lack, unworthiness, unreservedness, left out, not fair, can’t receive, unsupported….and other variations of this same wound. This is because as a collective we are currently expanding into more 5D, higher-level embodiment of self-love, true Divine ability to receive and be supported, self-respect and self-compassion, the ability and desire to self-care and self-nurture and moving into more oneness and unity with Divine consciousness which is love. We are learning how to know ourselves at these higher levels. We are re-shaping our lives to align with these higher levels. That is why so many of us are going through so much change, feel lost, overwhelmed, have lack of clarity and are having a crisis of direction. What you do not need is falling away. What you do need is being recalibrated and brought forward. But you are in the middle of this transition so it can feel very confusing and unstable. It’s not, its the limbo, the unfamiliar, before the new you, the new norm, the new energies embody more for you and you come back to centre, stability and deep connection to self and path. This is causing the experience of intense polarities, from feeling peace, totally supported and deeply trusting to lost, confused, unable to receive, lack and overwhelm. This will balance out as the break-through energies of June weave their way into your life. What is also dropping away is the core perception of separation being projected onto the idea of giving and receiving, patterns and negative programming around that are dropping away which means unity consciousness can expand through you around this concept. There is no giving and receiving. It happens simultaneously. When you are just your true self, you automatically give and receive in the same moment. Old wounds and misperception around receiving then, through these supportive energies into June, really help us let go of these old ideas and beliefs and raise our frequency into a higher dimensional reality. This will translate into unity in giving and receiving, helping you drop the struggle around receiving and so then actually receive more. This could translate to physical receiving lie money and non-physical like self-love, self-acceptance and feeling supported and deeply connected to universe and spirit.

5D Frequency Activation

We have been having multiple, incessant upgrades that lift us up into more of a 5D frequency or 5th dimensional consciousness. Upgrades have been causing physical sensations like pain, headaches, tears, nausea, fatigue, deep body aches, strange body sensations, intense dreams and more. We are literally collapsing the old, the 4D inner and outer world as we knew it. But we are not yet fully anchored in 5D so we are in the limbo, the crossing, the transition and this can feel very strange and disturbing. It’s a time that is really calling to our trust and faith in the Divine plan, in evolution, in yourself and the light the truly governs all things and all unfoldments. It really is a time when you may not feel that you ‘know’ very much at all and this may be a very real experience at the level of the mind. But deep in your heart there will be access to a knowing, to your Higher Self, to a space of safety and stability. There may not be external things and securities and guarantees that you can rely on at the moment but you can rely on your inner navigation. Trust and faith in self, the plan, the universe, the Divine in evolution and in love is deeply calling to us right now, calling so deeply, so softly yet so loud. If there is nothing else you can do right now but put your hand on your heart and breathe and say to yourself “I surrender to the Divine plan and my Higher Self guidance” over and over again, just do that. Your higher Self knows exactly what is going on, what is coming next, where to guide you, what is important, all the solutions and opportunities you need, everything. Just let your lower levels chill out and stop trying to run the show.

I honour you and your incredible, magical and important part of this global collective evolution.

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