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ENERGY UPDATE NOVEMBER 2019: Facades, Healing The Inner Child & Transformation

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November brings winds of change as it blows into our lives towards the end of this year. These winds of change have the ability to blow off deceptive masks we might have been carrying around with us in our day to day keeping us trapped in inauthentic expressions and relating.  November supports us to heal and embrace our inner child and reclaim parts of us we have missed or suppressed making us feel empowered and whole. It’s a month of coming back to the self in very real, practical and supportive ways so we can discern, self-nourish and re-connect to what really matters most to us.


Facades are like masks that we hold up to show the world we are ok, we are strong, we are good, nice, appropriate, acceptable or any other version of a projection that is not entirely true. The work we have done on ourselves up to this point this year culminates in November with a kind of ceremonial burning or blowing off the masks we have wanted to ward off for a long time now. We are tired of them, they are heavy, boring, unhelpful and keep us hidden in distortion, falsity and inauthenticity. We are quite simply, over it.For some, this is showing up and will continue to show up with a desire to be more honest, with yourself and others. In other cases it will show up in our behaviour and actions, no longer participating in activities or conversations that we actually don’t want anymore. Or it might be that we realise with more clarity and depth that things we were doing, that group event or that regular activity in our routine just doesn’t work for us anymore, it doesn’t belong and it’s time to let it go. Let the mask go, the facade and the things we have created in our lives as a result.

This is SO freeing! It can feel strange sometimes at first or can shake us up a little but once we get the hang of being more real, raw and authentic it can become quite a buzz.  Being honest is not about being insulting, rude, intrusive or abrasive. It’s just being you, with more love and realness. As it settles as the new norm it grounds into being harmonious, natural and nourishing. Watch out for your winds of change and the opportunity to dissolve masks you no longer need, in fact celebrate it and trust that whatever comes from this is serving you and your path forward. I love this quote from Matt Khan:

“One of the most commonly overlooked spiritual practices is daring to be completely honest with everyone you encounter. Some may say that others cannot handle their honesty, but true honesty is not a weapon or strategy of any kind. It is the willingness to be open and absolutely transparent in sharing how any moment feels in your heart. It has nothing to do with confrontation, accusation or any form of blame. True honesty is the willingness to stand completely exposed, allowing the world to do what it may and say what it will, only so you may know who you are  – beyond all idea’s”
Matt Khan


There has been a huge, powerful and beautiful cycle recently that has been guiding us back to healing, loving and embracing our inner child. Healing and integrating our inner child can be a life long journey and it happens in waves. Ever time we connect to, re-visit or feel pain around our inner child we are diving into this precious connection with more opportunity for integration and healing. With this supportive honesty wave coming through in November we are able to look and connect more deeply and truly with our wounded inner child and feel, remember and reclaim what is needed.November brings a very powerful and gentle energy that is really helpful in deepening the healing of the inner child. For some of us, this may mean direct healing experiences with the inner child in your own healing work, meditation or self-awareness or in a session of some kind. For others it might awaken in the dream state or be a more subtle movement that the conscious mind may not link directly to the inner child. But no matter how you experience it, it’s about reclaiming a part or parts of yourself that have been dormant, suppressed, unacknowledged or not allowed to express themselves. We are all supported right now to reclaim aspects of ourselves we expressed as children, that did exist within us when we were very young and that somehow along the way got put to the side through fear, wounding or suppression of some kind. Is it imagination, laughter, a sense of freedom, play, intuition, light heartedness, wildness, cheekiness, creativity….what is is for you you are reclaiming at the moment? What is is that you are healing that is in the way of these expressions?

The reconnection to the inner child is such a wonderful, precious, beautiful and liberating experience. We give ourselves permission to just be ourselves again, to let go of all the BS that surrounds our lives so much of the time. Much like the dropping of our masks and the return to honesty, the reclaiming of the inner child is a celebration of who you really are and a wonderful embodiment of parts of you that you have longed for and missed. When integrated with our inner child we become more whole and more balanced and have a much greater sense of what we really want out of life, our relationships, our projects and what brings us joy and upliftment. This is a beautiful process and we are all dropping into it in some form in November.


Dissolving our facades and healing our inner child are both forms of transformation but there is another more subtle but equally as powerful transformation happening in our collective consciousness and in our individual mind-body consciousness at the moment. There have been several huge influxes of light and DNA upgrades in recent weeks. These are the light codes we need to inform our DNA to start to change, to activate and update so that the DNA can hold the new frequencies of light coming in. These frequencies of light are part of our multi-dimensional selves and they are wanting to become embodied in our mind-body consciousness so they can become a part of our day to day reality. This means we are receiving new information about who we are and how we want to express ourselves while journeying through our physical incarnation. These latest transmissions might start to show up in your mind or conscious self as more insight, curiosity or awareness about what you really want out of life, what is important, meaningful, desired or quite simply just a delight to experience. Be open to these feelings, insights and observations as they move into our collective consciousness more prominently in November.  Then, of course, embrace them and trust your inner guidance so that you can flow towards more of the things that bring your delight, joy, new experience and authenticity in your life.

Blessings for a more real, raw, authentic, honest and open way of living!

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