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ENERGY UPDATE OCTOBER 2019: Relationships, Personal Shadow & Preparation For 2020

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Welcome to October! We are well and truly in the last quarter of this blessed year that has brought us so many ups and downs, so many challenges and lessons and so many opportunities for growth and expansion.


Yet again, this theme of relationships has become a strong focus in October. It’s been strong the last couple of years on and off and throughout 2019 and here we are again in another cycle of shifts as we prepare for 2020. We are being asked by our Higher Selves to come into much stronger alignment before we enter 2020.  Relationships are a key paradigm where human beings get to express themselves, be seen, be reflected back to, feel, heal and evolve. Your Higher Self is asking you to feel into and review where you feel you might need to make shifts in this space. Are you feeling valued, seen and met in a relationship at the moment or are you finding some misalignments showing up? Do you look forward to connecting and feel nourished by those you spend time with or can you see where you might be caught in any habitual connections that actually don’t make you feel valued, nourished or in alignment. It’s a time when, yet again things and people may need to flow out of your life or be changed in some significant way. When we lovingly let go we are able to make space and you will find that someone or something else flows naturally into the space you have created and in much more alignment for at this stage of your journey.  These needed shifts are showing up not just in a friends and personal relationships space but our families too. It’s not always about letting someone go, literally. But noticing where boundaries may need to be shifted. The way you communicate might need to change for example. We are clearing massive amounts of ancestral and family of origin energy at the moment which means we are clearing conditioning and imprints we nave been carrying from these relationships too.

When it’s in alignment to let someone go it’s an act of love, for you and for them. This takes deep trust in yourself and your intuition and these parts of you are much more available than ever, your self-trust and true intuition.

This is so prominent a theme in October and as the rest of year unfolds in order to prepare us for higher vibrational and more aligned experiences and connections in 2020. If you have been craving new connections, yearning for your ’tribe’ needing fresh new clients or work connections, it is all being supported for you now. You might also need to be stripped back, feel like ‘who are my friends, my tribe?’ You might need to feel some isolation or loneliness until this cycle shifts if that is where your healing needs to happen. Or just be in observation of how this recalibration is moving through your reality. This is big space clearing and prep for a much higher vibrational reality in 2020 so we call in more and more of our true Soul path.

Embrace the opportunities in October to courageously review your relationships and speak your truth, open your heart, let go and let in.


Some of you know I have just arrived back in Australia after 6 months of travel through Asia and Europe. I have been grounding back into Byron Bay and integrating the trip.  One of the themes I am still integrating on several levels is facing a repeat personal shadow. I had a very intense and strong experience of being highly triggered last month while in Switzerland. It took me totally by surprise how much anger, outrage and charge just blew up in me around this kind of issue. I had not felt such a strong emotional reaction of that kind for a long time in this part of my life.

Once I dropped into it I was clearly shown my reactions were connected to a particular victim archetype shadow aspect of myself. Feeling victimised, persecuted, unfairly treated, punished, unseen and disrespected are some of her favourite feelings. I was shown how she got created earlier in my life, late childhood and into my teens to protect me from neglect, abandonment and abuse. I have worked hard on my personal healing and healed layers and layers of my past and also deconstructed layers of this shadow self of mine. Yet here she was again. It was shocking in a way how abruptly and powerfully she showed up and exhausting to have her thoughts and beliefs raging through me. Of course, I recognise her as me even though I am using the third person.

I was able to reach her during this phase much more deeply. Feel her vulnerability and call her back into my heart, I was able to see how destructive she had been in my past and how unconscious I was around her when I was much younger. I was also able to see, from her limited perspective, that she was there to protect me.  I was able to integrate her much more deeply and allow her to show me the wounds I still hold layers of she was connected to. It was an intense time but hugely powerful healing occurred as a result. I can still feel this healing going on now, more layers gently emerging and healing. It takes time to work with our shadow and really getting into seeing the layers. They are connected to our deepest wounds, fears and limitations so we need to allow the meeting of our shadow to happen in cycles.

Have you had an encounter with your personal shadow in recent weeks? Have you had subtle or more obvious awareness of shadow thoughts, patterns and behaviours that still lay dormant waiting to burst up or that actually come up regularly? When it happens for us it’s usually happening for those around us too!

If you have, stay open. Stay curious. Watch and observe. Move closer and ask when and why this shadow self got created. If you have not had an experience or awareness stay very open to it as October moves into November. Our shadows are more available for us to explore as preparation for 2020. We are not taking old paradigm aspects into our New Paradigm realties. When you find and meet and confront your shadow, have patience, have compassion. They do come from love and want to be loved they just don’t know-how. They need your higher awareness and your heart to embrace them so they can melt and merge with you again and transmute pain and distortion and holding on to the past into power and self-love.


I have really started to feel this new energy I am calling preparation or 2020. I started to feel it as I prepared to head back to Australia, I felt it strongly while I was in Canberra mid September visiting family and I have felt it even more strongly since arriving back to Byron. 2020 is the first year after the 7 year post 2012 cycle. The first 7 years of 2013-2019 after 2012 were massive clearing and re-orienting years for all of us. The flood gates of love and light opened around December 2012 we had so much more access to our Higher Selves, to beings of light in service, to feeling and connecting back into pure Source energy than ever before. This was amazing and beautiful and profound but also meant we had a lot of calibrating to do! That much new light and that higher vibration has been working on us consistently for 7 years. Our DNA, our tissues and cells, our nerves system, our light body, our minds. We needed those 7 years to start to deconstruct layer by layer the old paradigm. 2020 is the first year of a new cycle where we are able to embody and ground in our mind-body consciousness aspects of our Soul that we have not been able to reach to this depth before. It’s actually so much more important and profound than any words could describe. It means you will have greater access to your Soul truth, your Soul desires, your Soul directives (life path) and gifts and powers, intuition and self awareness and sense of pure Source energy in your life than ever before. This is available to all humans on earth, even those who are still asleep, if they now choose to wake up, which many more will as 2020 unfolds.

So for you, preparation can feel like all kinds of different things.  If you have not done so already go to my website homepage and get the free gift, the e-book What is Ascension it may help you understand some of the changes you might be going through in your body, life and experiences that may all be activated in October and through December. Notice and respond if you are suddenly called to make changes to things in your life, i.e diet, to your communication or expression, to other re-alignments that need to come up at this time.

A few key things are coming up as really important as we journey through this next cycle. FEELING your conscious choices, the emotions that may be around any of your decisions and movements. Making your choices CONSCIOUS not just floating along like you used to in habitual ways of doing things. Actually CHOOSE, FEEL and be CONSCIOUS about the changes you are making in your life. This discernment, conscious pro-active choosing and feeling radically supports all the upgrades we are going through and accelerates it for you. It lifts you up into the highest experience possible for you right now on your Soul path. The last important part is TAKE ACTION. Actions are really important here, taking actions and following through so these changes can ground and anchor in your life.

There is a Divine Soul path designed for each of us that we chose before we got here that unfolds in stages over time. 2020 is the first power-packed year of making that path clearer to us and more accessible than ever before.

You are so supported right now to make whatever changes, big or small, are necessary in your life. Speak your truth, own your feelings, go deeper, let go of the old and shift whatever is necessary in your life so you cruise into 2020 with the best DNA and light body shimmering and shining its booty off!

I am holding space for your magnificent preparation phase and your glorious dance and shimmer into 2020 and the incredible and swift changes that may be able to come into your life this month and on.

Bless you for being such an important and beautiful part of this transformation phase.

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