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ENERGY UPDATE SEPTEMBER 2019: Manifesting, Harvesting & Restoring Divine Templates

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Well, we finally made it through August. When I used the word rebirth in the August update I should have made it capitals and bold! The rebirthing energies that came through in August were really strong and for some super challenging. If you missed the August update you can read it here.

Rebirthing paves the way for new things to germinate, form and grow in our lives. It’s a necessary path or passage to allow manifestations to emerge, new opportunities, new directions and perspectives and new physical things and experiences to show up. But part of rebirth is also the death, deconstruction and letting go phase first. We all were assisted to let go in August in different ways. For some of us that was literally completing a project, a work venture, a relationship, a cycle of some other kind or something else that we had conscious awareness of that was coming to an end in our lives. For others, this letting go was very internal, subtle and more energetic. But it was happening, for all of us in the collective, massive amounts of letting go.

For some of us, this has brought up fatigue, confusion, lack of clarity, asking lots of questions like where am I really meant to be? What’s my true path? Do I need to change something I am doing? “I just don’t know what I am supposed to be doing and I’m out of flow” as one person I know said. While others are just flying! Embracing rebirth and riding the wave of momentum into more motivation, creativity and flow. No right or wrong. Trust your own journey through this rebirth integration. We are all at different points on the wave. Accept and trust this.


This phase is assisting us all to manifest, to continue to use the energy from August to propel seeds of new thought, idea, direction, vision and creative outlets to move more and more toward fruition. We manifest very differently in a 5D reality. We don’t need lists and affirmations and the ‘law of attraction’ or ‘flaw of attraction’ as I like to call it. We don’t need techniques and ’secrets’ revealed in books to know how to manifest. Manifesting is the natural outcome of simply being in alignment with your Soul and allowing it to embody more and more with your body-mind consciousness. It should not be your mind that decides what you want and what you should put on your vision board. It’s your Soul that knows the truth about what you really desire to express, create, experience and share in the world. When we allow our over-active and sometimes ego-led mind to soften, we can start to hear, feel and embody more of our Soul where our truth is really held. This truth tells us what we want, what we desire, what direction we should go in and it also magnetises to us everything we need for that to become realised in our lives. 5D really is the miraculous world. Miracle Divine intervention is able to penetrate our minds, unify with our hearts and alter our existence so much more easily at the moment. This combined with more unity with our Soul, guides us toward all that we desire without so much applied effort and struggle. September marks a very special month where Divine channels are more open, collective Divine support is very available and a collective Soul upgrade is underway. This means for you as an individual you might get more clarity about what you want, what you desire and what brings you fulfilment and joy. You will be supported to manifest more strongly from a place of Soul truth this month and onwards.


As I shared in August, as we let go we create space for what is new to come in. This seeding or germination started in August but will continue to empower and strengthen into September. Every year September marks the month of harvest. We have reached the 9th month, gestation is complete. We are now able to much more easily integrate everything that has already happened during the year. Some aspects of your being are taking a big slow inward breath and feeling relief around this.The final quarter of the year we are very much integrating and harvesting from what we have created, learned, embodied and become in the first 9 months of the year. But this year, in 2019 we are harvesting something very special on top of what we usually harvest. I was shown when this channelling came through for this update that we are now able to embody much more of our Original Divine Template and this will become more anchored in our physical, energetic and light bodies from September onwards.


Another big wave of clearing ancestral shadow has moved through the space the last week of August. This is because we have been through a collective ascension expansion where our light bodies have quite literally received more light and upgrades from our higher selves to raise our vibration. This influx of light, new coding and DNA updates does throw up any dense, old, contracted energy that cannot co-exist with this new light. This cycle is happening to predominantly  (not only) but largely for many to clear ancestral shadow. Ancestral shadow is dense energy, limitations and imprints and unhealed wounds that are still resonating as ‘charge’ in the timeline connected to our ancestors that created it but were unable to heal and resolve it. At various times it will project into the current now moment and activate within us. It can sometimes show up and feel like a psychic attack, like entities or just make you feel tired, fatigued, down and out of sorts. It can also trigger any of your own wounds/imprints connected to the theme the previous ancestor is holding onto. This is all coming up and clearing as a matter of course at the moment. If you think this might be going on for you, you can call in your Divine Team (unconditionally loving helper beings and guides) and ask them to assist you to clear this energy from you and all being effected.


Your Original Divine Template is the information held in your Soul that is in perfect form. Before duality, before the idea of ’separation’, before any personal wounding created discords and misperceptions and before personal limitations created all kinds of learning paths for you. These learning paths, of course, were necessary and you agreed to them in order to have experiences of limitation in order to learn, grow and expand as a being but they are not your true original self.

I was shown that this September is very special indeed. We have greater access to the truth of our Soul than at any other time in human history. That is no understatement. All the light work, Divine intervention, the evolution of collective consciousness and the support of unconditionally loving helper beings over many eons have helped us get here. This means that there is a huge opportunity to really get to know YOU on a deeper and truer level than ever before.

Your Original Divine Template holds all the information about what you truly intended for this incarnation from a positive and empowered perspective. There are leaning paths here, yes, but not learning paths that automatically mean suffering has to go along with it. The learning paths held in your Original Divine Template are theme-based, like compassion, self-awareness, self-trust as general things you might be wanting to embody this lifetime. They can also be very specific things like having a child, finding true love, living in a particular country, starting a particular career or work project etc. The things we are propelled toward and desire most come from a momentum within us held deep within our Soul.

So this month more than ever before you are assisted by collective energies to reach a deeper inner truth. This truth will always guide you to more joy and empowerment, not more pain and suffering. Even if that means adjustments, transitions or letting go has to happen in order to bring your being and life into more alignment with whatever your personal truth is at this time. So prepare for some epiphanies, revelations, ah-ha moments, inspiration and innovation in new, wild and wonderful ways! Your reality is about to change! All the purging, shifting, germinating and seeding and any intensity that might have happened for you in August will be worth it.

Your mantra for this month is:

“I surrender to the truth held within my Soul.
I allow it to speak to me, to guide me and embody within my mind-body consciousness deeper than ever before.
I am ready to know myself with more authenticity and truth than ever before.
I am ready to create my life from this deeper place of Soul truth.
I am ready for it lead me to greater empowerment, self-awareness, joy and fulfilment in the now.”

Use this every day of the month and let miracles happen!

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