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March Energy Update 2020 Radical Collapse, Momentum & Alignment

March is like emerging from a cocoon, or a storm for some, or a cave for others. Either way, we are all emerging from something. For me personally, I have not really been able to gain much practical traction this year until now, until the energies of March have just started to activate.

This update is about three themes I have been given that describe how the energies of March can assist you to move forward; RADICAL COLLAPSE, MOMENTUM, and ALIGNMENT. As we emerge from a few months of swiftly and radically collapsing old paradigm energies, inner wounding and personal limitations we really find a tangible momentum forming in March. This leads us to some important new alignments in our life that will bring change but will also bring much more support in all the ways we need.


Radical collapse are cycles we go through where we are literally collapsing wave-form energy, thought forms, beliefs and other energetic influences that run our inner realities. These cycles happen at an accelerated rate and work on multiple levels within us at the same time. They can be challenging as it can make us feel we have just been dragged back into our old limits, old wounds, old stories and attachments and we can be left wondering why. But once we emerge from these cycles, even if they are confusing, chaotic and even distressing at the time, we usually feel renewed, like deep change has occurred even if we can’t explain it in words. As we collectively emerge from this radical collapse we are supported into a period of momentum that is asking us to be actively more aligned in our lives to our true values, our empowerment and our truth.



I could not really separate these two themes as I started to write about them, they are intrinsically intertwined. Radical collapse cycles clear lots of old limitations quickly leaving space and expansion to help us move forward. March helps us bounce off this space and expansion into momentum, into taking action, into implementing in our lives the things we know we want to get forward momentum around. The to-do list that has not got done, the desires list that you want to experience but have not put in the energy. With this comes greater clarity, focus, determination and a good dash of balance and meaning thrown in for good measure.

Your momentum coming into this phase will be highly supported by your willingness to shift the alignments in your life that help you become more truthful, empowered and self loving. Have you been wondering about things lately and their place in your life? Interactions, people, activities, choices, decisions, self care, boundaries? There will be things in your life that become highlighted this month as definitely in alignment for you and that actually need more of your commitment. There will quite likely be things that also get highlighted for you that show up as out of alignment for you. It’s equally as important to note these things with a gentle calm acceptance. Once you accept what is out of alignment you allow your inner guidance system to communicate with you about how to shift these misalignments, whatever they are.

When you are willing to make the shifts in alignment that are showing up you will greatly support the amount of momentum you experience. You are here to take action, to create, to express yourself and the collective energies at the moment are ripe to support you to do this. But this momentum relies on your ability to make decisions and changes that really count, I mean really count for you, as hard as some of them may be. Some of them might be simple, subtle changes that are easier to make but still incredibly important to your alignment. You will not be let down by your Higher Self once you do this. You will be supported and rewarded in amazing and even unimaginable ways. We are all being asked to do this right now. Step up, really own what is emerging in our inner reality and then take action accordingly. This is the recipe for momentum from March on. Take advantage of the calm after the storm at the moment, of the space that is being created and the momentum that is absolutely available for you by being willing to see, feel and own the mis-alignments showing up in your life and accept them. You don’t need to know how to address everything right now, how to action all the change, just start with accepting what is showing up. Once you do that the momentum wave will kick on and lead you to the how.

I wish you every blessing for riding your momentum wave this March and making bigger commitments to show up for yourself, your truth, your true alignments and your greatest Soul expression in the world.

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  1. This was a great update, Leisha! So much of what you said resonated for me. I love the thought of receiving more updates from you as they come through in ‘real-time’. Lucky us!!


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