I created this private mentoring package to offer

a comprehensive transformation experience to help people dive deep and be supported to truly shine in all paradigms of their lives.

This package is for you if:

If you are ready to commit to yourself and align to your highest intent, call in your dreams and go deep into inner healing and expansion, this experience is for you.

What is Included
in Private Mentoring?

NOTE: All positions in my Private Mentoring Program are by application only. Due to the high level of support offered there are limited places available.

What happens in the one on one transformation sessions?

Similar to my regular one hour sessions, every session is based on priority. We explore what is going on in your life, the focus area’s you have for the session, questions, concerns, fears and blocks and other factors that are relevant for you.

I read the people, situations and energies unfolding in your life. We look at strengths and weaknesses, wounds and limitations, patterns and programs, gifts and opportunities.  As well as the guidance your own Higher Self and Divine team have for you.

After discussion and exploration I guide you into an intuitive transformation process where we clear and heal, integrate and anchor and activate and call forward what comes through as most supportive and important for you.

We may have one or several overall focus areas for you for the program that are always our priority.

This could include conscious business and entrepreneurial transformation, relationships and self love, self empowerment, spiritual awakening, healing trauma or creating the dreams you desire.

But within the overall goals we allow whatever is necessary to emerge in the vastness of your being so we are always working at the deepest and highest level and can truly call forward the transformation that will most serve you.

How and where we have sessions:

All sessions are remote online sessions via ZOOM (or Skype if this is a preference).

I am usually based in Australia but I do travel a lot and work from wherever I am with people all over the world.

We just coordinate timezones and find something that works. Phone sessions can sometimes be arranged.

What does unlimited support between sessions mean?

The reason this package is so comprehensive and supportive is because between sessions you are able to email me, leave a text or voice note on WhatsApp or send me a private Facebook message when you feel you need to.

This level of support is what can make the difference between a good session and an incredible experience.

This kind of support is not designed to create a crutch or a dependency in any way but is designed to unfold in a co-empowered and aligned way to support you into the best experience and outcome possible.

You might reach out in the following circumstances:

I will always respond based on what is in the highest good for you. This means that sometimes guidance and reflection is absolutely available.

At other times it may not be direct guidance that you need but another kind of support or some other information, reminder or reassurance.

I always consult your Higher Self and Highest Good in all situations of support.

What does unlimited remote healing between sessions mean?

The Process

Remote healing is like a session but it is done remotely, without you being present or on ZOOM or phone.

I create sacred space and tune in to you as if it were a session.

I am able to identify triggers and charge, invasions or attachments, emotions or fears, patterns and programs and other spiritual energies and aspects affecting you on any level.

As guided by your Higher self I can assist to clear and release, protect and strengthen your energies and Soul aspects, call in downloads and transmissions and whatever is needed to support your highest good.

You may be supported by remote healing in the following circumstances:

Your Investment

Up Front Payment

AUD$ 5000

Payment Plan

AUD$ 5500