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October November Energy Update

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It's been a long energy cycle these past few weeks and I think many of us are still feeling tired, in limbo, uncertain, confused, possibly anxious and like we are moving through transitions and trying to make decisions so we can move forward but without a true sense of certainty.

It’s been an incredibly huge time of feeling deep internal change, of completions, of letting go and collapsing much of our old identity, old paradigms, old belief systems and healing and integrating old parts of ourselves that will no longer dominate our limited mind, our fears and our reality.

It’s like there has been two parallel realities or timelines running side by side, perhaps there still is. This is what is making some of us feel like there is progress and so much moving and going on, while also feeling like we are walking through molasses and hardly anything is moving forward at all. Both are occurring at the same time. No doubt for some this feels confusing but also perhaps brings hope. For some in stronger or more difficult parts of this cycle it can lead to anxious feelings and questions like…what is the point, where am I going, what do I need to leave behind, what is going to happen.

We have changed the bar on what is normal this year. There are new parts of you that are emerging now that have been waiting for this precise time to start to embody and express. This is why you may be feeling ‘different’ like it’s a rebirth of some kind. This whole year so far has been a re-birth, slowly but surely you are being asked to step into a much more authentic and heart-based you. A you that is willing to be more honest, more empowered, more sovereign and say no to ideas, beliefs, agendas and directions and aspects of life that just don't serve you anymore.

Honesty with self has been key, being more willing to own up to your triggers, connect with your emotional charge, own your projections and where you blame or react. This is actually getting easier believe it or not, despite the challenges this year has brought forward. We are actually as a collective being supported into more honesty as we do this with ourselves and our loved ones we are expanding the quantum field to support the collective to do it too. That is why we will start seeing more disclosure, more truth emerge in the public arena and more general awareness of long-hidden deceptions and manipulations of human consciousness.

The letting go and relief is real. Whether you feel this very strongly or just on a subtle level at the moment, the letting go we are doing as a collective is mammoth and already bringing relief to our nerves system and mind. November is a time to become more aware and even decisive about whatever it is you are letting go of. Letting go can be very physical and literal or it can be internal, energetic, emotional and subtle, for most of us, it’s both. When letting go happens, space gets created and in that space something new and more aligned blooms, can you connect with any awareness about what that might be for you? November and into December is a time that these kinds of reflections will emerge, take note of them, feel the shift and relief and take action if you feel drawn to in terms of any physical letting go that needs to happen in your life.

Trust that no matter what you are experiencing you are on the right path and even if you don’t have any clarity about very much right now, you will be supported and guided to find it at the right time. Everything does not need to be ‘known’ right now.  Even if you feel like you have not achieved much this year, or that you were thrown a curveball in your personal or business life or that you are now feeling like making changes you could never have predicted in the earlier parts of this year, it’s all perfect and all timely…trust the ongoing unfoldment. Your Higher Self has your back!

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