highest Soul Expression

As a psychic intuitive, I work with you to identify the energies at cause contributing to creating imbalance and challenge in your life.

This may also include exploration of what is happening with your family, children, loved ones and any business or creative ventures where relevant.

These sessions are not traditional psychic readings. They are deep comprehensive transformational sessions.

I am currently full for 1-1 sessions for 2021. Please email me directly to find out how to work with me in 2022. Also go to my CE MEMBERSHIP page to join my monthly group transformation program.

Leisha’s intuitive coaching has been without a doubt the most influential constant in my life. Working in the spiritual arena myself I’ve come across a variety of practitioners but I continue to come back to Leisha time and time again. I’ve had several transformational shifts as a result of working with Leisha including health improvements, mental/emotional revelations, expansion in my own business and romantic healing. I have found her ability to check in with the energy body and locate hidden blocks astounding. The effects of her sessions have been immediate for me, with changes literally occurring the next day. Her professionalism, her accuracy, her attention to detail and dedication to her clients goes unparalleled. I’m continually blown away by her gift and am eternally grateful for all she has done for me.
Lucinda Chave
Holistic Practitioner. Brisbane



In sessions I scan your energy field and look at all the paradigms and constructs of your life including looking at active mind constructs (limited thought patterns and limited belief structures), emotional discords (held trauma, repressed emotion, cellular memory, charge and triggers) and spiritual energies (past life charge, ancestral charge, contracts and agreements, inter-dimensional energies, cords, attachments, programs, invasion, karma, spiritual lessons, soul aspects and more).


We also explore what I call ‘matrix fields’ which are the consciousness bubbles that hold each paradigm of your life including work, career, business, money, relationships, parenting, love, health, passions and so on. I am able to scan these matrix fields to look at imbalances playing out, imprints, programming, wounds, strengths and weaknesses, lessons etc. so we can explore how your life paradigms are unfolding and where we need to bring awareness, healing, empowerment or expansion.


We discuss and explore what is relevant to understand about your life journey, evolutionary path, lessons, soul expansion and so on within any relevant paradigm. Then I guide you through powerful intuitive process to release what you no longer need, what is limited or negative, stuck or contracted. We transmute or re-balance what you do need and download and activate higher energies from within your own being to help you heal, expand and accelerate your life.


Sessions may also include where needed, DNA activations, light body upgrades, channeling and transmissions that come through as relevant for you. This supports the collapse of old paradigm energies and constructs no longer serving you and allows shifts and guidance to emerge around your highest purpose path and Soul expression as an evolving being at this time on your journey.

Leisha’s knowledge and understanding is out of this world! I cannot express my sincere gratitude for the many healings and the support, teachings and guidance that Leisha has offered me and my family. She makes it so easy to move through the limitations present in order to flow into much more harmony in life. Leisha's ability to read and tap into your energy is remarkable. You meet many people in life, occasionally you meet someone outstanding. Leisha is the one of those people who will and can support you to truly change your life/world for the better. Her tools and gifts are significant and she is able to offer deep understanding and new light to enter your world releasing many unhelpful energies. I can totally recommended Leisha for any healing work of the highest quality, her ability is extraordinary.
Rita Stewart
Business Owner. Perth


Sessions are powerful and comprehensive and can be used to look at and support all areas of life, experience and spirituality.

You can bring any focus area into session you wish and ask any question. You will find that things will emerge in session in priority order

Since working with Leisha I have found my headspace and clarity around my vision and ability to implement and manifest changes in my business has been phenomenal. She has managed to assist me tremendously with moving beyond my logical brain and back into my creative brain allowing for massive room for growth.
Lorna Golombick
Business Owner. Entrepreneur. Physiotherapist. Brisbane Australia