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I created these tools as a way to support you to bring sacred prayer and self-led activations into your life.

When we make our own commands profound and powerful change can happen immediately in our reality. With ongoing use and practice changes deepen, self awareness expands and we become more empowered.

I wish you every blessing for your healing and empowerment journey.


(Healing Fragmented Aspects of Being)

This process is designed to locate, retrieve and re-embody aspects of your own being you have become disassociated from. We split off aspects of our being during times of trauma (sometimes even mild trauma), emotional intensity or overwhelm, injury, shock, experiences of disempowerment, poor boundaries, lack of discernment, lack of self love etc.

This is the first process I recommend doing before all others. If you are in an
energetically fragmented state it is difficult to ground, gain clarity or focus or move into more complex process work. The more you do this exercise the more awareness you have about when and where you give energy away, sacrifice yourself, enable, enmesh or negatively impact your own energetic integrity.

If you are doing the 3 core processes I recommend (Re-embodiment, Power Retrieval & Soul Embodiment this process is first).


(Reclaiming and reintegrating your power)

We lose an aspect of our power every time we consciously or unconsciously have a negative thought, activate a limited belief, sacrifice our healthy boundaries, become co dependent, enmesh with another person’s story or belief system, get stuck in negative emotion, activate our wounding and so on.

All of these experiences are normal in the human condition and will happen from time to time but when they happen repeatedly or we are not aware of where we are losing power we can become depleted over time, lose clarity and our sense of self and we sacrifice our empowerment and sovereignty.

This exercise can be used in relation to a particular person you feel you lost power with a group of people, an event or just used at the end of your day to reclaim your energy, power and sense of self. The more you do this exercise the more awareness you gain about when, where and why you are losing power.

If you are doing the 3 core processes I recommend (Re-embodiment, Power Retrieval & Soul Embodiment this process is second).


(Soul Retrieval)

This process is designed to assist you to call back aspects of your Soul that have fragmented, become disembodied or have been taken or negatively affected by other beings.

Your Soul holds the truth of who you are, how you planned to have your life unfold, your personality, purpose, desires and dreams.

When we are not embodied with our Soul or our Soul is fragmented in any way it affects our ability to feel and connect with our truth, our true path, our highest alignment, make empowered life choices and create and express ourselves in alignment with our true nature.

If you are doing the 3 core processes I recommend (Re-embodiment, Power Retrieval & Soul Embodiment this process is last).

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This is a process activated by your own intention to release any remaining Soul contracts, cords, attachments, projections, implants, ego constructs, karmic residues or other energies still binding you to discord with another person (or people).

These energies may still be holding you to distorted, discordant, wounded and old paradigm stories, learning paths and energies that are no longer serving your growth and expansion.

These energies and bindings may be preventing you and the person (or people) involved from evolving to a higher level of understanding and preventing healing, resolution and release in the interest of the highest good for all beings.

This process can only release what you are ready for, what is in your highest good and what is, at this time, in alignment with your own Soul truth.

It may release cords, distortions and attachments so people can flow out of your life if that is the highest alignment for you.

It can also clear distortions so people can remain in your life but creates the possibility for relationship evolution to a higher level creating more harmony, healthier boundaries, more awareness and neutrality.


This is a process activated by your own intention to open your intuitive capacity in relation to working with your Soul contracted Divine team,
your guides and helper beings.

It activates the willingness, connection and higher vibrations that assist you to awaken to a more conscious experience of working with your guides in the way that most serves your highest good.

It assists to clear fear, blockages and limitations in the way of these sacred relationships from deepening in an empowered, aligned and fulfilling way to serve you on your life-journey.


This is a sacred prayer that activates the willingness and momentum to rise above the wounded ego/self and the learning paths therein, into a higher state of awareness and manifestation that reflects a unified 5th dimensional version of you.

This assists you to move out of suffering and into awareness around your wounds, journey, healing and empowerment.

This prayer can be useful at times when healing, emotional intensity and the ‘suffering based reality’ feels too much or too present in your life. It helps you reach upwards within yourself to a higher reality and let go of


This activation prayer is a process designed to assist you to collapse fear-based negative thought-forms, limiting beliefs and other limiting mental constructs that are holding you in vibrations of negativity of any kind.

Negative reality constructs contract us, restrict our clarity and can disconnect us from our intuition and empowerment.

The recommendation is to use this activation prayer at times that you think you might have become plugged into a negative thought-form matrix.

So it’s designed to be used ad-hoc on a one-off needs basis.

Once you memorise the commands you can do this activation anywhere and anytime.

Do it daily or several times a day while in heightened times of stress, grief, negativity or fear.

I felt an immediate and profound shift in my state after using the core 3 prayers only once. But now the prayers have become a daily practice for me as I have noticed that the more I use them, the more I feel shifts and changes. I feel more centered, calm and clear. The prayers also help me to come out of emotions of anxiety or sadness and back to the self so much quicker. These processes are truly invaluable!
Tiffany Chechillot
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These prayers have been my daily go-to. They help me set up my day, they help me find relief when things don't always go to plan what I love most is using Leisha's words as my own, so I don't have to figure out what to say on my own. The more I do them the more grounded and empowered I feel. They bring me peace, clarity and relief.
Abby Clemence
Business Owner. Queensland. Australia
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