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SEPTEMBER ENERGY UPDATE – The idea of re-organisation

September Energy Update

I usually get a few nice, neat themes to discuss when energy updates channel through, but this month feels different. The themes from July and August are still so strongly present that I was not guided to draw attention to new and separate themes except for the idea of re-organisation.

We really stepped it up a lot in recent months to look at some really big themes, THE BODY, SUBTLE SHADOW, VICTIM HOOD, PARENTAL WOUNDS, TRUTH & DISCERNMENT, EXHAUSTION, ANCESTRAL RELEASE, FREEDOM & CLEARING ENSLAVEMENT PROGRAMMING. We are still heavily moving through every one of those major transformation points almost all at once so it’s no wonder if you have been feeling overwhelmed, confused, exhausted, anxious and wondering where your path is really going. Clarity was not one of the aforementioned themes and I don't feel September is bringing us any closer to clarity as a primary theme either. This month is about throwing everything up in the air and seeing how it all lands so we can, with a sharper gaze, really take a calm look at all the moving parts of our lives. When we do this, we get to sort or start over or reorganise in order to find a more aligned momentum forward while honouring our priorities and values, which are changing at the moment and becoming more aligned with our Soul truth.

I usually feel a very distinct ‘harvesting’ energy in September too as it's the 9th month of the year at which time the gestation period for the year is over, the year has ‘birthed’ and we use September energies to help us harvest what we have learned and embody what we have created. But this year it feels very different. I am not feeling harvesting at all. Reorganising is very different from harvesting. When we harvest there is a kind of relief, an awareness of where we have been and where we have arrived in the year, but this year we have not really been in that flow because it's been such an extraordinary and challenging year. So we may not have the sense that we ‘know where we are' and it’s totally ok to be confused about what you have learned or are still learning, what you have achieved or not, where you think you might be heading or not. So if you are confused or feel detached or overwhelmed, join the club. All the physical exhaustion we have been processing has not helped move us out of confusion either, although its a necessary phase of very deep cellular clearing so needed on the planet right now.

The guidance that has come through this month is simply about supporting this re-organisation process. Don’t think something is missing if you don’t have clarity at the moment. Don't force yourself into decisions that are not urgent if the answers really are not there yet. Compassionately take yourself off the hook. It’s ok to look back at the year and say, what have I really achieved…and think…not very much. We are not being asked to measure our achievements in purely physical ways at the moment. This is because what we have and are achieving this year is absolutely mammoth in terms of internal and consciousness expansion change. We just can’t validate that with our physical eyes yet so we wonder…what the hell has this year been about for me?

We are also still so heavily engaged with karmic and ancestral clearing that much of our spiritual energy is focussed there so there has not been a huge amount of creative and spiritual energy for other things. We have been doing absolutely massive amounts of this groundwork, this collapse and healing this year, it’s needed to take priority. That is where most of our energy has gone. So if you have achieved anything over and above that, then that is wonderful and you should be congratulating yourself rather than thinking you have not measured up. I honestly have never seen so much simultaneous collapse on this planet then in the last few months. Don’t underestimate how much internal energy that has taken.

I do feel break-though energy in October so it will be interesting to see what themes are on their way! But for now, please be kind and compassionate and gentle when you review your year and when you look at what you have and have not done. Don’t forget you are multi-dimensional and as a conscious being you have been massively contributing to global change even if it's just from your passive energy field resonance while you sit in your living room. I promise!

In summary, you are an amazing, multi-dimensional, serious contributor to global change who has been mega busy this year so far doing all kinds of incredible energetic things that have a massive impact on you and every living being on this planet…and you might also have achieved some really great physical life things too this year…but it's totally ok if you haven't…to date…no pressure. Just be super kind and loving toward yourself, please look after your adrenals and your energy levels, self-care is a critical priority at the moment.

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