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Transitioning into

The New Earth Paradigm

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Welcome beloveds,

To your journey of healing, embodiment, empowerment and highest alignment.

I am honoured to guide you through all the paradigms of your life, business, work, creative expressions, personal ventures and spiritual expansions.

I help you release your discords and limitations, heal trauma and wounding, integrate your shadow aspects, reclaim your self empowerment and find and awaken your highest calling, path and expression.

I support you to Soul aligned career and creative paths, calling in Divine relationship, creating your most prosperous life, aligning your body to health and vitality and activating your highest human potential. 

Healing the self into wholeness and expanding consciousness is the most important pursuit of human beings at this time. As we do this for ourselves we do this for the collective. As we expand, we create and call forward our most fulfilling life path and help create this possibility for others.

I invite you to step into a higher reality.
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Conscious evolution

This monthly membership program supports you to move through your personal development & awakening journey.


A collection of guided sound journeys to bring powerful process and support into your every day life.



As a psychic intuitive, I work with you to identify the energies and factors at cause contributing to creating imbalance, discord and challenge in your life. 

We discuss and explore what is relevant to understand  about your life journey, lessons, Soul expansion, growth and healing…


This PRIVATE MENTORING PACKAGE offers a comprehensive transformation experience to help you dive deep and be supported to truly shine

Leisha shares an invaluable gift with all her clients, piecing together the puzzles of their lives in the most professional and sensitive way possible. A truly miraculous experience that I gladly endorse. I would love everyone to experience her powerfully transformative healing through the loving support and insight Leisha's unique set of talents and skills provide.
Liz Luong
Business Analyst. Sydney
The work I have done with Leisha has provided me a powerful method of connecting with my business that was both easy and light while also being deeply profound and insightful. Leisha holds and incredible space that is clear and light. Her personal sharing was extremely supportive. All her sharing are worded with unconditional love while still inviting deeper exploration. I am now clearer, connected and grounded strongly moving forward with my Soul aligned intention. Her audio supports SOS and Clear Balance & Align were absolute life savers. They allowed me to re-connect to myself again and this connection to self remains stronger than ever.
Debra Carter
Business Owner. Queensland. Australia
Leisha’s knowledge and understanding is out of this world! I cannot express my sincere gratitude for the many healings and the support, teachings and guidance that Leisha has offered me and my family. She makes it so easy to move through the limitations present in order to flow into much more harmony in life. Leisha's ability to read and tap into your energy is remarkable. You meet many people in life, occasionally you meet someone outstanding. Leisha is the one of those people who will and can support you to truly change your life/world for the better. Her tools and gifts are significant and she is able to offer deep understanding and new light to enter your world releasing many unhelpful energies. I can totally recommended Leisha for any healing work of the highest quality, her ability is extraordinary.
Rita Stewart
Business Owner. Perth
Leisha’s intuitive coaching has been without a doubt the most influential constant in my life. Working in the spiritual arena myself I’ve come across a variety of practitioners but I continue to come back to Leisha time and time again. I’ve had several transformational shifts as a result of working with Leisha including health improvements, mental/emotional revelations, expansion in my own business and romantic healing. I have found her ability to check in with the energy body and locate hidden blocks astounding. The effects of her sessions have been immediate for me, with changes literally occurring the next day. Her professionalism, her accuracy, her attention to detail and dedication to her clients goes unparalleled. I’m continually blown away by her gift and am eternally grateful for all she has done for me.
Lucinda Chave
Holistic Practitioner. Brisbane